Synopsis of 2×03: Five is forced to take action when Two, Three, and Four suffer from a glitch and become strangers to her. Arax loyalties are revealed.


Now that most of the crew of the Raza are reunited aboard their ship, you’d assume things could slowly return to normal… not yet at least.

In the wake of One’s reported death, Two mourns for him in her own way, seeking solace in drinking. She shares with Three the truth of One’s own personal vendetta against him for his wife’s murder. Two and Three surmise that those who killed One were also responsible for trying to off them at the prison. Hopefully this is the start of their mission to seek justice for his death and answers for what they’ve becoming wrapped up in.

Meanwhile, Nyx, Devon, and Arax find themselves being dealt the short straw. As outsiders, the former Raza crew still doesn’t trust them quite yet, and with good reason. They restrict the movements of the their new friends. Hopefully this won’t come back to bite them in the ass.

The Android struggles to make a neural link to the ship and they soon discover that the invasive procedures performed on her at the prison may have left her damaged. In order to self-repair her neurological network, she shuts down for thirty-six hours. Now what could possibly go wrong…

Reportedly suffering from a bad headache, Three seeks pain meds in the medical bay. Surprisingly, Four soon shows up, claiming to also be suffering from a terrible headache. Five questions the probability of the coincidence. How’s that saying go… one’s an incident, two’s a coincidence, three’s a pattern.

Shortly after, Three and Four both cry out and quickly collapse. Five runs to find Two and soon finds her also passed out in her room. With no one to turn to, Five shuts herself in the bridge and turns to a holographic projection of the Android and her default settings. Unsurprisingly, the android’s projection is unable to offer her any concrete answers.

Left with no other options, Five turns to the last people she trusts… Nyx, Devon, and Arax, who have already began to suspect something is amiss. Devon is unable to find any medical answers and claims that the three of them are showing outward signs of a coma but with elevated brain activity. Arax tells Five that he knows of a safe place to lie low that has better equipped medical facilities.

Unsure how to proceed, Five tentatively accepts and allows him to set a course. However, she makes the poor decision to leave him alone, allowing him to initiate and send a subspace transmission. Shockingly, he contacts the woman that was last seen planning to obtain their asset, Five. This doesn’t bode well.

When Five goes to check in on Two, she finds her missing. Nyx assures her that they’ll find her and the two split up to search for her. Five soon finds herself at gunpoint with Two on the other side of the gun. Two apparently does not seem to remember Five or any of the other new crew but does seem to still retain some memory. The two are interrupted by Arax who spares with Two briefly. Arax is no match for Two though who quickly subdues him while Five escapes.

Meanwhile, Three and Four wake up with no memory of Devon and Four quickly knocks him out. Three, Four, and Two do seem to remember each other and seem to believe that Devon, Arax, and Five are all intruders on board their ship. The three of them split up to look for Five and Four eventually finds Five and confines her with Devon and Arax.

Two, Three, and Four do some digging and soon discover that they’ve lost over a year of time. It seems as if the three of them were somehow restored with their old memories from before they all woke up without their memories on the Raza long ago. Sadly it looks as if they’ve lost their memories from the past fourteen months. Five tries to reason with Three and attempts to tell him what has happened the last fourteen months, including Sara’s death.

Two soon discovers what happened fourteen months ago before losing their memories. Apparently the three of them uploaded brain scans as a last resort before undertaking a precarious mission. When Two attempted to help the Android reconnect with the ship after escaping the prison, she asked the ship to search for neural links. Inadvertently, the ship somehow glitched and re-activated the former scans of Two, Three, and Four and brought their default personalities to the surface.

It’s shocking to see how incredibly cold Two, Three, and Four were before losing their memories. Self obsessed and with only money on their minds, they are literally soulless human beings and it’s painful to watch them treat Five with disgust and even consider selling her on the black market. Five pleads with them for her life and claims that this isn’t really them.

Throughout all this, Nyx had yet to make an appearance. Knowing Nyx, she was likely lying in wait and buying time until she could mount a rescue mission. As predicted, Nyx appears when needed most and lets out Five, Devon, and Arax from their imprisonment. Armed with guns, Nyx, Devon, and Arax head to the bridge to retake it, even if it means shooting Two, Three, and Four. Five believes there may be another way to save them and instead heads to the infirmary.

With her unique nanites and abilities, Two attempts to link herself with the ship. After a few attempts, she is successful and is able to take complete control of the ship. Five deduces that somehow the neural link shut down Two’s former memories while reactivating her former ones.

Five attempts to initiate a neural link of her own with Two in an attempt to get her to see reason and shut down the link with the ship. She locks herself inside the infirmary while Two attempts to unlock the doors with her link to the ship. Meanwhile Three and Four exchange gunfire with Nyx, Arax, and Devon.

Using the help of the android’s projection, Five manages to find a vulnerable memory of Two’s and traps her inside her own memory. Five stands up to Two and forces her to remember the considerate and caring side of herself. Two voluntarily severs her link with the ship, causing her, Three, and Four to collapse once again.

The three later wake and are thankfully back to their better selves. Unfortunately they claim to have no memory of the past few hours or their previous memories, which in this case is definitely a good thing. The new versions of themselves are far better from their past ones.

However the Android claims that if they were to download the brain scans that were uploaded to the ship’s computer, they would be able to reclaim those olds memories while also retaining the new ones. Five is understandably apprehensive and doesn’t want to see them become who they were. For now, they pass on that option, but it is obvious that the option still remains.

While not necessarily as exciting or riveting as previous episodes, this episode served as a valuable reminder of who our favorite rogues truly were before fate brought them together without their memories.

Without a doubt, their friendship in the face of their confusion left them better people and I for one, don’t want to see their former personalities return. Instead I’m eager to see them seek answers and justice for One’s death. Only time will tell now.

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