The Following: Reflection (2×05)

Synopsis: Max puts herself at risk tailing a follower; Lily tries to bring Joe into her world, much to Emma’s displeasure.


So this star rating is not because I thought the episode was bad as a whole, but there were enough disappointments for me to wish this episode didn’t even happen.

Let’s get the biggest disappointment out of the way, Giselle. Yeah, I totally loved her, and look what happened. Shanked by Ryan Hardy. I guess he killed her because he was afraid Max was actually dead and that if she was this would be her revenge. But at the same time, I loved Giselle’s sass. Camille De Pazzis did a great job playing the French femme fatale, and I am pretty depressed we’re not going to get more Luke and Giselle looks of mocking pretentiousness.

Not to mention Luke holding Giselle and sobbing was pretty much heartbreaking to me. On the bright side, we get to see him begin to avenge her.

My baby. ;______;
My baby. ;______;

Second disappointment, Emma. Look, I understand not everyone can be understanding, especially not when you’re also crazy like Emma is. But her reaction to Mark’s haphephobia leaves me cringing. For someone who has a whole basket load of problems, you’d think she’d understand and not call him a nutjob. But the haphephobia does make me assume that Mark was probably sexually abused at some point in his life, and possibly so was Luke.

But it wasn’t only Emma’s reaction to Mark, it was her possessiveness of Joe. Maybe someone needs to tell her that just because you sleep with someone, does not mean you now have the tightest connection with them. Especially not if that person is a manipulative narcissistic psychopath that thrives off of attention. I know that she’s cautious of Lily, but it feels more like she is no longer top dog and she desperately wants to be at that position again.

"They're crazy, Joe!" said the pot about the kettle.
“They’re crazy, Joe!” said the pot about the kettle.

Which leads me to Lily Gray. I don’t know if she was a disappointment, or just kind of hilarious in the episode. I mean, she says she wants to foster Joe’s talent, and she does capture a victim for Joe to work on. I feel like maybe I could like the idea of Lily manipulating Joe, because she seems to be on the same threat level as Joe. Joe looks like a fish out of water in the mansion, with everyone siding with Lily, and his only allies are Mandy, who is clueless, and Emma, who is obsessive.

Ok now, just smaller frustrations. Like Ryan breaking into a house and NOT telling the person living there that he’s with the police. I mean, I guess he has no badge or anything to prove it, but he makes himself look like a rapist or a burglar. Could he not just have called Mike?

Speaking of Mike, another severe lack of Weston in this episode, and that was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back for me and this episode. I mean obviously I was in the throes of emotion watching it, and I watched it again a bunch of times, but it was an episode of disappointment and sadness.


R.I.P. Giselle. Good news is that it seems we are going back to the possibility that Mendez might know something, and Mike joining the Ryan Hardy secret squad. We see him possibly killing someone with Max there. We also see Luke thirsty for blood after Giselle’s death. Hopefully I won’t feel as frustrated as I was last episode.

Oh, but the greatest part of “Reflection”? Joe’s beard is gone!


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