Synopsis 02×15: Lucifer tries to figure out how to control his emotions in order to light Azrael’s blade as Chloe and the team investigate the murder of an administrator for a fancy private school. 

After Charlotte revealed that Azrael’s blade could be the key to getting back into heaven she, Amenadiel, and Lucifer returned to his place to discuss it. Once it was clear they were going to go through with the plan Lucifer punched a hole in the brick and revealed that the blade had been stashed away where he could keep an eye on it. Since he was the lightbringer, Charlotte insisted he was the only one who could light it but all his immediate attempts failed. 

Lucifer decided that he needed to figure out how to control his emotions so that he could channel them and light the blade. He went to Linda, who informed him that emotions cannot be controlled but if he lets down his walls and is willing to talk about them, maybe he can draw insight. 

Speaking of feelings, Chloe tries to talk to Maze about the past few days and her feelings about Lucifer. At first Maze tries to listen but ends up putting in her earbuds, pretending to listen. When she gets caught Chloe appears even more exasperated, especially because she shared she was worried about Trixie and valued Maze’s observations. 

Chloe and Lucifer went to the scene of a new murder, back at it as if he had never left. The victim was named Debbie Lang, the administrator at a prestigious private school. She was stabbed in the back by a pair of ceremonial scissors – probably a crime of passion. Their next stop was the school, which focuses on emotional control and regulation which immediately got Lucifer’s interest. 

They spoke with another administrator who was reluctant at first to give information but eventually share about a couple whose child had not been accepted into the school. Chloe brought the couple into interrogation and one of the spouses admitted he said he wanted to kill her, but it was only because they had made a sizable contribution to the school in hopes of securing a place for their son and she told them the school never received the money. Unfortunately, the weapon was found in their pool house which did not look good for them. 

At Lux, Lucifer poured over a children’s book about his emotions. His mom tried to set him up with three strippers who looked startlingly like Chloe, but he turned them down. Charlotte explained that his earlier attempt at anger had not lit the blade, so maybe lust would do the trick. No go. Charlotte seemed in a bit of a hurry to get back to heaven, more-so than she had previously, and claimed it was because she wanted to see her children. Naturally, that gave Lucifer an idea. 

After breaking into Chloe’s house in the morning she filled him in on the latest news. It looked like someone had embezzled the money the parents donated and framed them for the crime. Chloe went to get Trixie for school to find her still in her PJs and Lucifer offered to take her to school instead, since Chloe would not have the time and Trixie was going to miss the bus. 

Lucifer took Trixie to Starford, the private school being investigated, and pretended to be her father in order to get more information on how to control his emotions. In one of the group sessions it came out that Trixie was scared and sad in light of her mom’s near death, and Chloe came in after interviewing the administrator again, running into a dead end, and heard Trixie’s confession. 

She also came just in time for a child to show Lucifer a picture of “mommy stabbing Debbie.” 

Lucifer, Chloe, and Trixie left the school and Chloe was surprisingly kind about the whole thing. Trixie asked her if she could ride with Lucifer, who would really take her to school this time, and Chloe let her. After dropping her off Lucifer returned to a parking garage where he was attacked and thrown into a car. He realized immediately it was his mother and she said since anger and lust didn’t work, maybe fear would. 

Chloe brought in the mom who may have killed Debbie but it turned out to be a dead end. However, they learned that everyone was getting it on with the PE teacher, and everyone also hated Debbie. Of course you would not have known that by the number of people who showed up to her memorial, which Chloe attended as a prospective parent and was quickly joined by Maze who wanted to make up for not listening to her earlier.

Lucifer returned home and found Amenadiel trying to light Azrael’s blade, admitting that Lucifer was probably the only one who could do it. Lucifer shared his observations about Charlotte’s strange urgency about getting back to heaven but Amenadiel shrugged it off. 

Back at the memorial, Chloe and Maze took advantage of the parents “waiting to tear each other apart” by using gossip to flush out the murderer. They told select individuals that the person who killed Debbie was probably in the room and that there was a ton of evidence in Chloe’s car to bring them down. 

At Chloe’s car, Maddison, the group leader from earlier in the day, was frantically trying to get into the vehicle. Lucifer found her, cornering her since he wanted to talk about emotions and unlocked the car for her since she told him she was getting something for Chloe. Chloe arrived just in time for Maddison to pull a gun on both of them. 

It turned out that years ago she had slept with the PE teacher and got pregnant. Her not-so-smart son seemed strange, and Debbie realized that he was the PE teacher’s. Scared her husband would leave her, Maddison killed Debbie to keep it a secret. Chloe tried to get her to put down the gun by appealing to her as a parent but the day was saved when the killer was tackled by Maze. 

When it was over, Chloe had a moment with Trixie and they agreed that they never needed to pretend together. Lucifer returned to Linda and told her she was right, and Linda suggested that perhaps what he needed to feel was the pain of heartbreak as the only way he was going to get over it was to go through it. Using that, he returned home and was able to channel his pain into a flame, but not for long. His mother left, frustrated, and revealed in the elevator as she left that her human body was compromised. 

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