I have a love/hate relationship with the Bounty Hunter’s box from Smuggler’s Bounty. It came to me damaged and I continue to dislike their use of DHL as a shipping company, for damage and for how unreliable their shipping updates are.

It also felt like a smaller box, despite two Funko figures, because of past boxes where we’ve received two pops as well as another Funko trinket – even though two Pops and a t-shirt is more than worth the price, it still feels like a lighter offering. On top of that, the spelling error so prominent on the t-shirt, with no plans to fix it, is kind of a bummer.

Despite those complaints, subscribers were treated to a new mold for Boba Fett and it’s pretty awesome – I’m back on board the Smuggler’s Bounty hype train for this Pop alone! IG-88 is also a pretty intricate mold and appeals to the hardcore fans that subscribe to this box.

The shirts are always hit or miss for me, so the spelling error only detracts so much – I’m not sure I would have worn this shirt regardless – but the Pops made this one worth it.

Fingers crossed for more awesome Pop molds with July’s theme, Jabba’s Palace.

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