Synopsis of 7×14: This week, the Hilltop gets the spotlight as the Saviors set out for a new doctor and Sasha and Rosita bond over a thirst for revenge and some truly terrible dialogue. This episode draaaaaaagged. 

At the Hilltop, Maggie is doing her best to train the people who were interested in fighting against the Saviors, with Enid as her shadow. She’s working hard and also trying to take care of Daryl in the process. At the same time, Sasha is planning her revenge alongside Rosita, who Maggie may or may not even know is at the Hilltop. It’s taking its toll on Sasha, but she still won’t share her plans with Maggie, even though Jesus and Enid know. Gregory is watching all of this.

Caught with Jesus’ hollow book of bullets by the man himself and Enid, Sasha is forced to admit that she has a gun. He quickly puts it together that Rosita isn’t at the Hilltop to train people for the war and they both try to encourage Sasha to tell Maggie about their plans. She declines because Maggie would want to go and she needs to take care of the people of the Hilltop. Enid tells Sasha that she’ll give her a ten minute head-start before she shares her plans with Maggie.

Unfortunately, everything is thrown off when the Saviors make an unscheduled visit to the Hilltop. Sasha hurriedly finishes packing her bag and Rosita finds her in time for the two of them to escape through a secret tunnel, missing the Saviors entirely. At the same time, Maggie and Daryl are forced to hide away in a root cellar.

The Saviors file into the Hilltop house and Simon immediately asks Gregory to point him in the direction of someone they’re looking for.

Rosita and Sasha are trying to find a working car when Rosita notices the necklace Sasha is wearing. It’s the same necklace that Rosita had made for Abraham previously. Upset, she tells Sasha the car is dead and storms off after revealing the origins of the necklace. When Sasha tries to make smalltalk, Rosita rebuffs her further.

Instead, Sasha tells Rosita her plans of camping out in a building near the courtyard of the Saviors’ complex and taking the shot from afar. She wants to make it out alive and stay outside of the perimeter, but when Rosita says nothing, it’s clear that she has other plans. She wants to make sure they get it and that requires going into the complex, but Sasha reminds her that they won’t get a second chance if they’re taken.

Enid tries to distract one of the Saviors, who is surveying the Hilltop, by bringing him vegetables and asking him to load them onto the truck, to which he says no way, bitch. And also takes her knife. And proceeds to enter the root cellar that Maggie and Daryl are hiding in.

Simon and Gregory pay a visit to the Hilltop doctor and Simon delivers the good news. Dr. Carson has been upgraded to the Saviors complex as Negan’s new doctor. When he asks why they’d need two doctors, he’s told that his brother got himself killed. Dr. Carson tells Gregory that his charts are all up to date and Simon leaves them with a giant crate of aspirin.

Alone, Gregory talks to Simon about how the Saviors need him and how he needs his people’s trust to stay in charge at the Hilltop. Simon questions who else could take charge, but at least Gregory demures that much. They come to an understanding of sorts before everyone gathers around to watch the Saviors leave with their doctor.

Daryl goes to kill the Savior in the root cellar before Maggie stops him, allowing him to leave without discovering them. Maggie confronts Daryl about his intentions and is concerned about him since he showed up at the Hilltop. He tells her that he’s sorry, but she tells him that what happened wasn’t his fault. They talk about Glenn briefly and Maggie asks Daryl to help her win.

Sasha and Rosita manage to find a car lot and distract some walkers in what feels like an unnecessary side-bar that includes killing some walkers and setting a car on fire, but no real danger.

At least the car takes them close enough to the Saviors complex to hole up in a building and observe Eugene checking the perimeter and giving orders to some of the other Saviors regarding the safety features they have set up. Sasha shares this information with Rosita, who thinks he must be working some kind of angle.

In another attempt to bond with her, Sasha asks Rosita to learn the knots that she’s making and after some negativity, Rosita does teach her. She also further opens up to Rosita about her past, including her boyfriends and how she picked up all of the skills she’s learned over the years. They talk about Abraham and seem to finally reach some common ground.

Simon and his group of Saviors return to the complex and Sasha realizes that they’ve brought the Hilltop doctor with them. Negan comes out to greet him and Sasha can’t get a clean shot before he returns inside. The two of them hear Eugene on the walkie talkie giving orders and making plans to expand the security around the Saviors’ complex.

Jesus meets with Gregory in his study, where Gregory needles him about having too many people in his trailer and gives them assignments so that they can being “pulling their weight.” He also warns Jesus about being careful with all of the Saviors coming around, to which Jesus takes offense and feels as though Gregory is threatening him. They leave things tense only for Jesus to be confronted by Daryl, asking where Rosita and Sasha went.

Eugene is out in the courtyard, talking to a man about the Saviors’ perimeter when that man is shot and Rosita and Sasha reveal that they’re mounting a rescue. Eugene declines to go with them and runs back inside instead. Rosita is pissed and they make a swift change of plans, with Sasha asking Rosita to stand as lookout for a minute.

While she’s distracted, Sasha climbs through the fence and makes it so that Rosita cannot follow her into the Saviors’ complex. She tells Rosita that it’s not her time, the people need her, and there has to be a point to it all. Also, she has to go star in Star Trek, so you know. Pissed, Rosita has no choice but to run away.

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