Synopsis: Clarke continues to hide from those hunting her. Bellamy, Monty, and Kane venture into new territory in an attempt to find Clarke. Jaha makes an effort to bring Murphy into his fray.

Rating: ★★★★☆

The 100 returns with a bang and doesn’t disappoint, but some viewers, like myself, are left wishing they had given us a little bit more. The Season 3 premiere picks up 3 months later and spends a significant amount of time recapping individual character’s emotional states. The Grounders and Arkadians have been living in relative peace, but the episode forecasts the war to come.

Far far from Arkadia, Murphy finds himself trapped within the underground bunker and discovers the true meaning of isolation for three long months. Murphy struggles with grasping reality, even contemplating suicide at one point, and watches clips of Allie before her AI’s creation.

Suddenly though, the doors open, granting him freedom and he finds himself at the large mansion where Jaha is residing. Jaha is happy to see him and eager to involve him in his plans. Murphy is having none of it and refuses to help Jaha and Allie, even when Jaha insists that the City of Light is real. Murphy is swayed though when Emori, an old acquaintance of his, arrives on a boat to the island.

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Camp Jaha, now known as Arkadia, has come a long way in three months. Many have thrived while others have not fared so well. Jasper has sunk to new lows, still distraught over Maya’s death and likely suffering from borderline depression. After 3 months though, it’s time for him to move on or seek some professional help.

Raven, meanwhile continues to fight in her typical rebellious fashion, hiding her chronic pain and telling those around her that she is fine. In reality, Raven is far from okay. Abbie discovers the true extent of Raven’s problems and attempts to help her, but Raven refuses and Wick is notably absent.

Bellamy, Monty, Jasper, Octavia, and Raven head a reconnaissance mission into sector 7, an uncharted territory that borders the Ice Nation, a nation we still know little about. To my surprise, the Arkadians have even acquired horses, no doubt due to their fragile truce with the Grounders.

While out, they pick up a beacon from another section of the Ark when it broke up in space. They fruitlessly begin a search, but soon discover two Ice Nation Grounders have commandeered the beacon and are looking for “Wanheda.” Enraged, Jasper stupidly approaches the warriors to procure the beacon but is wounded and the group are able to kill the Grounders before heading back for medical attention.

Before they return, they receive a call from Kane who urgently insists on meeting. Octavia, Raven, and Jasper return to Arkadia while the others meet with Kane and Indra, who brings them some surprising news.

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Clarke meanwhile seems to be holding her own out in wild. Three months in the woods have allowed her to hone her hunting and hiding skills and she is able to take down a full jaguar on her own. Sporting tangled red hair and a lot of dirt, rural life certainly doesn’t suit Clarke, even if her red hair is less conspicuous in the woods.

Living day-to-day, Clarke finds a young woman to trade with at an outpost. While waiting for her goods, two Grounders walk in, one who is known as Roan, a new character played by Zach McGowan. Roan asks the trader for information regarding Wanheda’s whereabouts. Clarke attempts to keep a low profile and the trader provides the men information and the two men leave, although Roan doesn’t look stupid and seems suspicious. Clarke thanks the woman for her help and the two fall into bed together.

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Indra claims that Clarke is being hunted by every Grounder nation. Apparently, Clarke’s infamy has spread, bestowing her with the name “Wanheda” meaning commander of death. The natives believe that by killing someone powerful, they will gain that person’s power and by killing Wanheda, then gain power over death.

Bellamy, Monty, Kane, and Indra continue deeper into section 7 in search of Clarke. Before they are able to make it to the outpost where they believe Clarke may be, they find a downed tree in the middle of the road. Indra immediately suspects foul play, and second tree is felled behind them soon after, effectively trapping them and their vehicle. The four prepare for battle.

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Later, Clarke wakes from a nightmare while sharing the bed of the trader and hastily makes her exit in the dead of the night. As she leaves the outpost quietly, Roan approaches her from behind and grabs her.

In other news, Bellamy has a new girlfriend that is far too old for him, Lincoln and Octavia are having some conflicting relationship problems, Octavia needs some riding lessons, and how on earth are there large practically paved roads of smooth dirt and gravel for Arkadia vehicles to drive on through the forest.

Last time I checked, they didn’t have large construction vehicles. All in all though, I enjoyed the premiere and am eager to see where they continue to take the story and the characters.

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