Finders Keepers

Author: Dorothy A. Winsor
Release Date: September 12, 2015
Publisher: Zharmae
Genre(s): Fantasy, Magic, Middle School
Spoilers: Mild

Rating: ★★★☆☆
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Finders Keepers is a book for those of the middle school age looking for a good adventure tale. Cade is a Finder, just like his mother. They are able to sense heart stones, magical red stones that are able to protect households, and make them wealthy as well.

One night, Cade’s mother is kidnapped and sold to miners, leaving him and his older brother Roth on their own and on a quest to find and rescue her. When the world starts falling apart, a mysterious girl asks Cade to help her find the heart stones. Cade agrees to help her save the world, and in turn, save his mother.

This book is quick. The first few chapters fly by rather quickly, from both time passing and the amount of plot that happens. It’s a great book for a person who likes a little bit of mystery tossed in an action-y, end of the word story. The story line is pretty solid, and the characters are really likable. From the start, you feel Cade’s struggle of not giving into the stones, and the family’s closeness. You really want to root for Cade and have him save the world.

The writing is what you would typically find in a book meant for middle school, and later elementary school ages. It keeps you entertained, without overwhelming you with too many little details, subplots, or outrageous twists. A great book to get a person who is a sometimes reader to read. Winsor sets the scene well and has created a world that is real enough to live in. Adults will like it too, thanks to the comparison between classes, the miner’s trade, and the end of the world storyline.

Final Thoughts: Finders Keepers is a good book for younger readers and adults alike. With its quick read, and engaging story, you won’t be left wanting for more. A solid fantasy read with believable characters that react and act in ways that normal people would. A great, original story that kids of all ages will be sure to like.

A Copy of Finders Keepers was provided by the Author for fair and honest review.

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