This Book Loves You

Author: PewDePie
Release Date: October 20th, 2015
Publisher: Penguin
Genre(s): Humor, Nonfiction, Pop Culture
Spoilers: Mild

Rating: ★★★☆☆
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For full disclosure, I’ve never watched a PewDiePie video. About all that I know of him is that he is big on YouTube, is a male, and seems to have an infatuation with ducks (found out through the book). So with no biases in place, I grabbed this book and sat down for a good, uplifting read. Boy, was I wrong.

This book is filled with really colorful, well done pictures and quotes that are seemingly uplifting, poignant, and beautiful. And they are, until you read the next page or it settles on you that these are really just demotivational quotes. The book makes fun of itself and the internet’s ability to turn basically anything into a quote if it came from a famous enough mouth. I really enjoyed flipping through the pages and chuckling at the “deep” quotes, and the absurd pictures.

This Book Loves You is fun, bright, and quick. With no page numbers, you’ll quickly find yourself at the end of the book, and flipping back to your favorite quotes to post online (with appropriate reference of course). It’s one of those books that you give to either a very gullible friend, or on who has a wicked sense of wit. The only hang up is this whole nonsense of ducks and “The duck is coming.” I’m sure an avid watcher of PewDiePie knows what it means, but as someone who hasn’t seen a video, it was a little weird. However, also a great ploy to get more people to go watch the videos to find out what it’s all about.

Final Thoughts

For the final thoughts on this book, I figured nothing would be better than the back of the book.


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