It has been a good weekend for Star Wars fans who weren’t really expecting to get much more in terms of trailers before the movie came out in December. However, the powers that be at Disney have been kind to our little fan hearts. On top of the international trailer that dropped on Friday, there’s been a TV spot released this morning on Twitter. It seems, as the sneak peaks are released, they push the audience to further consider Rey’s origins.

Originally she didn’t make much of a splash on the easy trailers, but the one shown during Monday Night Football began to drill down into who she was. Again, the international trailer followed suit as everyone wants to know just who Rey is. Poor Rey, of course, says she’s simply “no one.”

Now, in the latest trailer it sounds like Lupita Nyong’o’s character, Maz Kanata musing about what she sees in Rey. She’s seen “the same eyes in a lot of people,” and claims that she “sees her (Rey) eyes” and “knows her eyes.” Rey has a destiny that she is going to have to embrace as she embarks on her adventure in The Force Awakens. Everyone is looking at the orphan to step into a story she herself doesn’t understand.

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