Synopsis 03×09: Not-Mitch gets up to no good with Abigail, including messing with Jackson who is currently her prisoner. Things get worse when Logan discovers a hybrid nest and comes to realize that the nest lets off killer spores. Bad news all around. 

Since plane malfunctions are par for the course, Jamie managed to turn the latest one around and everyone on the plane was okay. Mitch, who was Not-Mitch when Jamie last saw him, ended up on the ground and safe with his biodrive malfunctioning. He was able to contact Abigail and she told him to come in and she would help him. 

Dariela, faced with yet another near death experience, told Abe she was taking Isaac and leaving. She asked him to come with her but he said he had to stay, so she let him and left to get her son to safety. Good thing, too, since everything was about to get a lot more hectic. 

After Abigail captured him during his search for Sam Parker, Jackson continued to be hanging from a ceiling chain in Abigail’s super secret base of operations. Back on the plane, Jamie was upset about Mitch, Clem was in the regeneration tank to keep her alive, and Jackson was nowhere to be found. They were unaware that he had been captured by Abigail. 

Logan, working with the IADG, was able to take down a hybrid nest but realized it was not going to be enough. They had to figure out a way to neutralize the spores. Working with Jamie, Logan brought one of the remaining shepherds, who agreed to help them if he could have a chance at Abigail. Jamie agreed and the shepherd set to work helping them locate her and come up with a solution to their hybrid problem. 

We learned more about Sam Parker this week. The real one, that is, not the one that Jackson stumbled upon. Sam worked with Abigail and was indeed the father of Clem’s baby. It turned out his parents had been shepherds and he grew up on the island of Pangea, which was how he knew Abigail. He was there when the razorbacks were released and lost both of his parents, laying the blame (at Abigail’s behest) on Jackson and his team. 

Not-Mitch got back to Abigail and she fixed his biodrive. Once that was out of the way he filled her in on the team’s progress. During one of her Jackson interrogations he realized very quickly that she could control the hybrids like he could control animals. He also realized that she had hybrid DNA and was the last piece of the genetic puzzle to solving sterility. 

Using a special enzyme, Logan and the IADG were able to figure out a way to neutralize the spores from the hybrid nests. Meanwhile, the shepherd help Jamie and Max by using a tracker to get the necessary biodrive information to track down Abigail’s secret lair.

At the lair, Abigail was busy filling Sam’s head with lies and told him that his baby was sick and she was going to give him a transfusion that would help the baby because he would turn around and give his blood. 

Sam, playing the part perfectly, pretended that he needed to be rescued when the team stormed Abigail’s hideout. Jackson got free of his shackles and tried to choke Abigail but got knocked out by Not-Mitch. Sam was taken back to the plane and they used his blood to help Abigail’s baby but she and the baby were distressed as a result and Sam started to freak out. 

Eventually Jackson came to and came to Abigail’s aid while she was being attacked by the shepherd. Abigail saved him back when things were looking tricky but he turned around and knocked her out so he could take her spinal fluid. That turned out to be a less than stellar idea because taking the fluid caused a deadly reaction and he rushed her onto the plane to try and save her. 

Jamie and Not-Mitch had a moment where, though she had reclaimed the bidorive switch, she left him as Not-Mitch and didn’t tell anyone. She said she didn’t need Mitch at that moment, she needed Mr. Duncan because she needed him to do something Mitch would never do. 

Back on the plane, Abe was able to give Clem hybrid serum, which would accelerate her pregnancy after Jackson knocked Sam out before he could shoot Abe. 

At the end, Logan found a very large hybrid nest and realized quickly that they might be in over their heads. 

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