Synopsis of 7×15: Rick’s group gets what they need from a reluctant group, while Sasha’s captured after her failed attack on the Saviors’ compound.

Desperate for more guns to make a deal with Jadis and the trash people, Tara tells Rick about the Oceanside settlement during a voiceover as audiences get a montage of his group looking for guns and preparing. Interspersed with decaying walkers shambling across a beach and Enid asking Carl if he ever thinks about the people he’s killed, Tara tells Rick that she’ll feel bad if things go bad, even as he assures her it won’t be her fault.

Maggie is teaching one of the men at the Hilltop about farming, but when she goes to leave him to the task, he admits to being unsure and she tells him she’s on her way to re-plant a blueberry bush from outside the fence.

Rick and a group of Alexandrians, including Daryl and Jesus, are setting up a perimeter of explosions around Oceanside, with Michonne posting up with a sniper rifle in a tree.

Without actually showing the events of the night before, or who Rosita encountered outside of the Saviors’ complex, Sasha has ended up in a cell, being watched over by David. When he gets too creepily touchy, Negan breaks up the party and doesn’t accept David’s apology for stepping out of line and preparing to rape Sasha. He stabs David through the neck, killing him instantly, and gives Sasha the knife and a reminder of her options: she can join Negan or she can die. It’s really a great monologue and I continue to love Negan forever, “We all have things to get over.”

Later, Eugene is sent in to give Sasha a pillow and blanket when she confronts him about how he’s changed. He admits that they’re keeping him safe and he encourages her to join them. Eugene thought he could be brave once, but he realized he was being delusional. At first, he tries to tell her that Abraham would have wanted her to say yes, but quickly confesses that that is not true. She dismisses him as David starts to turn, even as he tells her that they all have to change.

Gregory and Maggie have a serious conversation while she works on digging up the blueberry bush. It’s tense, but she tells him that it’s never too late to change and promises to talk with him seriously in his office later. He stays to keep an eye out for her while she digs and fails to kill a walker on his own, even though he’s ambushed by one while Maggie takes care of the other. He’s nearly bitten and Maggie explains to a group from the Hilltop who might have overseen that it was his first time and he’s learning. They tell her that’s not what he told them, but continue on their way.

Tara is waiting for Natania in her trailer and is surprised by Cyndie walking in as well. She tries to convince both of them to join the fight against the Saviors, explaining to her that her friends are going to take Oceanside for the guns if Natania doesn’t agree to speak with Rick. She doesn’t want to fight or talk to Rick, even with Cyndie’s urgings, and thinks they’re damned without their guns. Unfortunately, time runs out for Tara to stop the siege and an explosion in the woods sends all of Oceanside running.

The two Oceanside women who head for the arsenal, opposite the rest of the group, are stopped by MIchonne’s sniper rifle, and Jesus, Daryl, Aaron, and Eric. They’re brought to the rest of the group, where Father Gabriel, Rick, Carl, and the others have stopped all of the women.

Rick tells them all that no one needs to get hurt and that they want to get everything worked out quickly, but his prepared speech is interrupted by Natania and Cyndie, who have overpowered Tara and taken her hostage. It’s a tense stand-off, where Natania continues to deny Rick the help of Oceanside, before Michonne alerts them all to the presence of the beach walkers, who were attracted by the explosions.

Cyndie takes the opportunity to overpower her grandmother and free Tara, while Rick’s group and the warriors of Oceanside prepare themselves and fight alongside one another to quickly clear the herd. At the end of the chaos, Natania still says they’re not fighting so Rick can take their guns and go.

Negan opens Sasha’s cell to find that she’s put the knife through David’s brain and is deferring to his entrance. He reclaims his knife, but tells her that he’s ready to give her baby steps to proving she’s fully on board with the Saviors, which includes using her help to retaliate against Rick.

At the Hilltop, Gregory is still shaken from his earlier encounter with the walker. He takes the map from Simon out of his desk drawer and calls someone into his office, informing them that he’ll need a ride – presumably to the Saviors’ compound.

Eugene again visits Sasha’s cell, this time to congratulate her on making the right choice. Through the closed door, a tearful Sasha tells him that she made the wrong choice, she doesn’t want to be used to hurt their friends and she asks him to bring her something – a gun, a knife, glass, anything – so that she can end her life on her own terms. He tells her he’ll consider it.

Gabriel questions Rick as to whether or not they really need all the supplies they’re taking from Oceanside, to which he says yes. Carl admits to Enid that he thinks about the people he didn’t kill too, as they’re carrying supplies away. Tara promises to bring everything back when it’s over and discourages Cyndie from joining them. Rachel makes a faux bid for pity and Tara just gives her the finger.

Moved by Sasha’s words, Eugene brought her the pill he initially made for Negan’s wives, assuring her it’ll lead to her death. She’s clearly disappointed, even as he continues earnestly to tell her that he doesn’t want her to go. It was a ploy for weapons that failed.

When Rick’s group returns from Oceanside, Rosita brings them to Dwight, who was waiting in the jail cell that Morgan built. Daryl is held back from attacking him from Rick, so that Dwight can tell them that he wants to help. Rick points his gun at him and tells him to get on his knees.

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