Comics geared toward kids have a tendency to be some of the coolest things I’ve read. There’s something to be said for jumping back into the stories of our childhood and seeing history and culture through the eyes of imagination.

That’s exactly what the people behind Bayani and the Nine Daughters of the Moon are aiming to do. Packed into three issues, this story looks to explore themes like those from Harry PotterThe Neverending StoryAlice in Wonderland, and others favorite stories through the eyes of Filipino mythology.

Bayani, the son of a fisherman, is approached by a god who asks for him to help find the kidnapped daughters of Lady Moon. With his friend Tala at his side, Bayani sets out on a grand adventure to do just that and has a number of fun filled experiences along the way. It is “designed like an Indiana Jones movie,” and if the Kickstarter is funded the project will be published through Caliber Comics.

Perhaps what appeals to me personally is the fact it goes to great lengths to appropriately introduce what will no doubt be a primarily Western audience to a culture and a set of myths and beliefs that are not necessarily well known. Diversity and representation is so important as the comic book world moves forward and audiences look to the industry to provide new experiences instead of old, tired superheroes. It seems like Bayani  and the Nine Daughters of the Moon will push those bounds and offer up readers a different kind of superhero that kids and adults alike can relate to.

With a fantastic and talented artistic team rounding out creator Travis McIntire’s writing, not only will the content be wonderful but there will certainly be visuals to match. As evident by the number of previews offered on the Kickstarter, this comic promises to be a mighty fine addition to any comic book collector’s bookshelf. With only a few precious days left, Bayani and the Nine Daughters of the Moon is less than one-thousand dollars away from meeting its goal and you could be a part of it. Check out the video above, take a look at all the great rewards, and donate TODAY!

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