In 2018, I had a chance to meet Camilla d’Errico at her booth at New York Comic Con. I was immediately taken by her art and had a wonderful time talking with her about it. Now, she has a new Zodiac-themed gallery exhibition at the Haven Gallery in Northport, NY.

Anyone interested can check out the gallery now through June 16th. We took a few minutes to catch up with her after opening weekend to hear more about the inspiration behind the exhibition.

Katie: I know you had a chance to attend the gallery opening weekend in-person – how did it go? 

Camilla: My Zodiac show at Haven Gallery went well and was a lot of fun. The gallery is inside a vintage home that is absolutely spectacular and is the most fascinating place I’ve ever exhibited my artwork. The night was full of fun, lots of laughs, and happy people.

The owners, Erica and Joseph, were exceptional hosts. I was so thrilled to meet so many supporters. The event lasted an entire hour longer than it was supposed to because of how [many] people stuck around to enjoy the event.

Can you speak a little to the relationship you have with the Haven Gallery, since this isn’t your first show there? 

Speaking to my relationship with Haven Gallery, I haven’t been with them for long but I can see this becoming a match made in heaven that lasts for many more years to come. Erica is an absolute gem that really cares that the art is loved and so are the collectors. It’s rare to find someone so dedicated and detail-oriented. I really appreciated how they had wine for all the guests then even ordered sushi for everyone at the end.

For this exhibition, you’ve chosen the Zodiac. Can you tell me about what led you to this theme? 

What led to this theme is that I have always loved astrology, its one of those magical elements in our lives that gives us a sense of reason and guidance. I love reading my horoscope and believe in my heart that I have a taste of my future in those words.

I am always seeking answers to what makes us special and how we fit into the universe. You can say that I traveled outside of the human body for this one and looked to the stars for answers. It’s a fascinating experience to read all about each sign and then incorporate that into my world of pop surrealism. I was like a philosopher with a paintbrush.

Were there any pieces that became particularly significant to you as you worked on them? 

All the pieces have a special place in my heart but there are usually a couple of paintings that pull at my heartstrings and that are particularly significant to me. I think Libra was a very personal piece for me since I’m a Libra. She was the hardest one for me to decide on (true to libra form!). I kept going back and forth on her but ultimately I love the final piece. She embodies so much of who I am that in a way she’s almost a self-portrait.

Aquarius is one of my favorites from the series because of how much detail I put into her as well as what she represents. She shows the world that curves are beautiful. Society always tries to tell us what to think and feel but not my fluffy mermaid, she’s taken her own path just like Aquarius. They don’t conform to societies expectations and my mermaid honors that.

What do you hope people come away with after seeing the pieces? Are there any particular messages you’re hoping to convey? 

I really hope that people come away after seeing my pieces looking at the art and find themselves in it. My ultimate goal as an artist is to connect with people through my images. My wish is that people will love their own sign as well as enjoy the collection as a whole. If my art can inspire others to see the beauty in diversity, then that for me is the most incredible reward.

I know this exhibition will be running through June 16th, but do you have any other events or exhibitions in the works? 

In terms of other events I’m part of, my next show is with Haven Gallery for Scope Miami in December.

I have several group shows I’ll be participating in, including the Beinhart Small Works Show in Australia and Corey Helford’s 45th Hello Kitty Anniversary show in June.  On top of that, I have a whirlwind of conventions including my biggest one at San Diego ComicCon in July. I have two new books coming out this year that I’m excited to debut at the convention and on my online shop

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