The last season of Doctor Who as we know it will begin airing on April 17th. Peter Capaldi will start his third and final season. Steven Moffat will be taking a bow after six seasons as the showrunner. Want to catch up with Doctor Who news before the new season begins? Check out the Doctor Who: Verity! Podcast. 

These six women (Deb, Erika, Katrina, Liz, Lynne, and Tansy) don’t always agree. In fact, more often Liz is going to disagree with everyone! They’re also more than your standard Doctor Who fan girls like me. Some of these women even work and write in other DW fan-based media, including Hugo awards for writing. 

This podcast covers all manners of Doctor Who news and media: audio stories, books, comics, toys, and television. And all the women are classic fans as well as NuWho fans. When there’s not a current season airing, Verity! has something to cover. Their “In Defense Of” Extras are some of my personal favorites, as well as their reviews of Classic Who episodes. This kind of history lesson is perfect for fans who want to go beyond the current incarnation of the show. 

The fact that it’s all women makes for fascinating and engaging conversation because Moffat’s treatment of female characters is… shall we say problematic? But the Verity! women have varying opinions about Clara, Amy, and their insight to Classic Who makes for a refreshing look at the Companion-Doctor relationship.

Inevitably, there will be arguments and clashes. And I always want to react and engage in the conversation. That is, until I remember I’m on a crowded NYC subway with my earbuds in. But for an hour or so, I get a masterclass on Doctor Who! So prepare for Season 10 with Verity! 


The themes of the year keep the in-between times fun. Last season was Companions, so there were in-depth episodes about companions, and even an interview with the original companion, Carol Ann Ford. This year, the theme is Love.

Hearing differing opinions about companions like Clara, especially the opinions of women, have helped me appreciate her more. 

There’s so much media to cover! So much comics, and podcasts, and essays, and books! For a fangirl like me, this podcast is a celebration of our beloved Doctor in all it’s forms! 

The name is a reference to Verity Lambert. 

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