Synopsis of 4×13:  Gold gathers Ursula and Cruella to seek his happy ending, whilst life starts to get back to normal in Storybrooke. Well, until they accidentally released the next evil creature.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

It’s the second half of the season for Once Upon a Time, so buckle up, we’re about to begin the review.

This episode we flash between present day , and some time back in the Enchanted Forest. Let’s recap the Enchanted Forest first, as it makes the most sense.

Hello, Ladies [ABC]
Hello, Ladies [ABC]
Back in the Enchanted Forest, Rumple summons Ursula and Cruella to Maleficent’s castle. While the three of them bicker about why they are there and who sent the letters, Rumple shows up and tells them that he has a special task for all of them that will give everyone their happy endings. The Evil Trio goes with his plan and easily defeat every obstacle in their way. Naturally, Rumple double crosses them and leaves the ladies to fight the Chernabog alone. Fun fact about this creature, he picks the person who has the potential for the darkest heart. He dives towards Maleficent, but loses that fight when Cruella and Ursula save her from his clutches. Even if they are the evil ladies, at least they have each others’ backs.In present day Storybrooke, life is pretty great right now. Everyone is getting their lives back on track, and even Hook and Belle have made up just enough to work together. Regina and Emma are now buddies, and it seems like not much could go wrong in the happy little town. However, of course, they do. Belle has finally cracked the spell on how to release the Fairies from the Sorcerer’s box, thanks to a mystery professor from Oxford.The crew releases the Fairies, and just happen to release a black mist that goes unnoticed at the same time. Everyone celebrates while Regina, Emma, Henry, and Blue head off to Granny’s to talk. It’s then that Blue reveals that the Author and the Sorcerer are two different people and that the Author, whomever he or she may be has hidden clues to who they are within all of their works. Just as they are about to ask more, there is a terrible clamor, and everyone rushes out of Granny’s to face whatever new calamity has hit Storybrooke.

And that’s how you defeat a Chernabog []
Regina and Emma team up to drive the now fully formed Chernabog off for a bit. At the same time this is going down, Ursula and Cruella call to ask to be allowed into Storybrooke, as they have turned over new leaves and want a chance at their happy ending too. Naturally skeptical, the Charmings say no, but the Evil Duo knows how to defeat the Chernabog so they have to let them in for that information or risk being killed.Regina and Emma hop into the bug and race towards the town line. Believing that the beast is after Regina, she tries to make the noble sacrifice to save Emma and take the beast out. But surprise! It’s after Emma, as she has the most potential of turning evil. The Chernabog is tossed over the town line, where it disintegrates. Ever grateful and true to their word, the Evil Duo are allowed into town via the Snow Queen’s Prophecy.

Ursula and Cruella saunter into town where they run into the Charmings, who have a few words with them about something that happened in the past that they are not too proud of. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of that later on this season.

He's back. []
He’s back. []
I suppose by now you’re wondering what happened to Rumple? Well, he’s been quite the busy bee since being banished from Storybrooke. When we last saw him he had met Ursula at her aquarium. He’s since moved in with her, and has been formulating a plan to get them into Storybrooke so they can get their happy endings. He convinces Ursula to go get Cruella, who is still filthy rich, but down on her luck as her current husband is being taken to jail. Rumple lets both of them in on the plan of how to get them into Storybrooke and what the basic outline of his plan is, short term at least.

They go for it because, well, they have nothing to lose, plus he’s getting the Evil Trio back together. So while Cruella and Ursula are talking the talk inside of Storybrooke, Rumple is waiting just outside the lines for them to return. Under the cloak of night, they make good on their word and let Rumple back into Storybrooke (via the prophecy scroll) where he regains all of his powers as the Dark One.

What’s up for next week? I’m not too sure. Hopefully Maleficent comes back, we get to learn about this terrible deed the Charmings did, and more clues as to who this Author person is. With any luck, the episodes will get a little more interesting as we go on too. What did you think of this week’s OUAT? Tell us below!

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