By now I suspect that everyone has heard the bad news that Hannibal was unfortunately cancelled by NBC. It’s a low blow for Fannibals who have been following the series for the past three years. The show has never been a success as far as traditional ratings standards go but it’s boasted an amazing following of fans and a generally good critical response.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to earn the series a fourth season.

However, all hope may not be lost. The folks at the De Laurentiis Company love Hannibal. And so do the showrunners and cast members. There has been talk of attempting to woo other networks in order to continue the series as well as hints at a possible feature film sequel. Nothing is certain except for the fact that no one wants to give up on Hannibal.

Martha De Laurentiis, Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy, and Richard Armitage were on hand at SDCC this year to talk about what could be the series’ final season and what the future could hold. You can watch the full press conference below.

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