It has been a shockingly long time since I have played a Pokemon game.

The last generation I played and enjoyed was the original second one. To this day I still hold that Crystal was the best Pokemon game ever because after that one no Pokemon game ever really seemed worth playing. So, as excited as I was about Pokemon X – and that excitement was based primarily on how awesome it looked – I was a bit wary. I just wasn’t sure I would get into this generation any more than I had any of the previous ones.

But, man, was I ever wrong.

I got seriously into Pokemon X. I mean, seriously into it. I’m forty hours in and I’ve only got four badges. For the very first time I for some reason need to catch them all. And after managing to acquire a Ditto and all the current and original starters I’ve needed to breed them all, too. Part of that need is fueled by a desire to share them with friends but also to trade online.

Actually, let’s be honest. It’s mostly so I can get all the Vivillons.

This is a Vivillon and it’s awesome.

What is Vivillon? It’s a new Pokemon that joined the Pokedex in X and Y. It’s a butterfly Pokemon that evolves from a caterpillar-like Pokemon named Scatterbug which is similar in it’s design and evolution to Caterpie and Weedle before it. It has a grey body and – in the anime at least – primarily pink wings. Except that in the game it doesn’t just come in pink. It comes in eighteen different patterns all dependent on the region where you registered your 3DS. (If you change it to a rare location

I need to have them all.

Why? I don’t know. I never cared about catching them all before. My Pokedex was woefully unfilled and every professor who ever gave me one would no doubt he terribly disappointed by how little attention I paid that aspect of the game. Time time around, though, things are different. I really just want to collect as many Pokemon as possible. But not only that I feel this compelling urge to collect all the Vivillons.

Maybe it’s because my region’s Vivillon was kind of lame. I live in Arizona so my native Vivillons have a primarily orange and brown patter with some yellow and green thrown in for good measure. It’s very Southwestern. But it’s not exactly that pretty. My crowning moment was when I managed to some how track down a Japanese Elegant pattern Vivillon. She’s now leveled in the fifties and the only other permanent member of my team other than my Greninja.

This is my Vivillon and she's beautiful.
This is my Vivillon. I managed to pick up a second Elegant one, too, for a friend via Wonder Trade.

But I have a dream, dear readers.

I have a dream that one day I will be able to battle online with a full team of six maxed out, beautiful Vivillons. I mean, I’d probably lose every battle considering how terribly unbalanced my team’s abilities would be but who cares. Look at how awesome these Pokemon are. I just want them all.

I know. It’s a weird goal for a game that I’m only four badges into but hey. Whatever. Vivillon Rules!

Unfortunate, my goal seems damn near impossible.

No matter what I do I always miss out on GTS trades. I raise every single Scatterbug I get through Wonder Trade and that’s gotten me  three of my patterns but the rest continue to elude me. That’s where you all come in. I need some help here.

I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I’ve got eight eleven twelve fourteen sixteen of the eighteen known patterns now but there are still ten seven six four TWO for me to collect. I can offer up any of the following Pokemon in exchange for one of the patterns I still need: Froakie (Protean available), Fennekin, Chespin, Squirtle, Charmander (Solar Flare available), Bulbasaur, Tyrunt, Amaura, Ditto, or either a Garden, Marine, Modern, Elegent, Polar, or High Plains pattern Vivillon – any of which can come with Pokerus as requested!

Monsoon and Sandstorm

I HAVE DONE THE IMPOSSIBLE. I have collected all the Vivillon patterns. Stay tuned for a how-to guide on how you can accomplish the impossible as well!

Picked this up over at IMGUR. Click the image and they’ve also got spreadsheets trying to pinpoint everywhere you can get each pattern, too.

112 thoughts on “My Obsession With Vivillon and All It's Forms”

  1. Ugh by the time I bite the bullet and get a 3DS and Pokemon, you’re going to have all this cool stuff and I’m going to have just the ugly Modern Vivillion…

    1. I can definitely make that happen! I have to take my computer to get fixed because it decided to die immediately after an auto-update last night. So as soon as I’ve done that I can get you my friend code and everything!

    2. My computer has been fixed! Any Pokemon you want infected with Pokerus specifically? I’ve got all the starters – including a female Squirtle and Protean Froakies – as well as Amaura, Tyrunt, hidden ability Driflooms, and hidden ability Spiritombs.

      1. Oh. hahaha I thought you needed one. Sorry. Depending on which game, I might be able to get you something useful. 🙂 I feel bad if Im just getting what I want but you get the short end of that stick. I have X if that makes a difference.

      1. Is it possible that you could trade them to me and I give them right back I just want want the pokedex entry

  2. I can trade Continental , Elegant , Marine , High Plains , Garden , Modern , Polar Pattern ,i Need SandstormPattern , Monsoon Pattern , Savanna Pattern

      1. I only need ones that you need 🙂 hahah Tundra, Sandstorm, Monsoon, Archipelago and Jungle
        It’s alrgiht though 🙂

  3. Ive got spare polar, Archipelago, elegant, high plains and modern. Alot of river to trade.
    I need a ocean, marine, jungle, sand storm, icy snow, savanna, monsoon, sun, garden.

          1. I won’t be home from work til 10pm. And are we keeping the vivillions we trade or just swapping forms?

      1. trading. Also for some reason I kept getting mixed up between high plains and archipelago. So Ive only got high plains. Sorry bout that. But I do still have a polar and river for trade if you want it.

    1. I have sun and garden if you need them. I’ll be online soon. Maybe like the next 30 minutes if that’s cool.

  4. Need monsoon, sandstorm, archipelago, ocean, and jungle.

    Can trade savanna, modern, icy snow, tundra, meadow, river, and continental. Let me know if you are interested.

    FC: 5456-0594-3435 (Kalene)

    1. hello! I have jungle and would like to know if you have extra meadow, elegant, marine, ocean, modern, polar, sun or tundra! fc 1693-1921-3261

      1. Hey, no it’s okay, I’ve got an ocean 🙂 So sorry I took so long, I suppose you’re sleeping? Knock me here when you’re online ’cause I’m not online frequently and we’ll trade 🙂

          1. Going offline now, it’s with me now 8 am will be back online between 11.30 am and 12.00 my time, so back online in 3,5 to 4 hours !! Can you be there then to?

          2. Going offline now, it’s 13.45 with me, I’ll be back online in 1,5 hours then it will be around 15.15!!! Hope you will be online then too!

          3. Guessing it’s now about 2 am with you and you won’t come online right now? I really want your Jungle Vivillon (It’s for me the last one from 18 patterns), So can you please come online at 4 / 5 hours later from the time you did today? Then we wake up, in the morning, and you can not be sleeping then??

      2. Hey I’m really sorry, but I don’t think you should match your evening with my morning, there’s too narrow a time. I can match my evening with your morning instead?
        I did some math and I think we’re 17 hours apart, so I’ll be fine being online anytime from 2pm (should be your 7am) to 5pm (your 10am) cause I have dinner outside, and around 9~10pm (your 2pm to 3pm) to 12am (5pm). Any time you wanna fix, just in case I don’t see it when you come online?

          1. So sorry I didn’t see this earlier! I haven’t used this in a while and suddenly it’s asking me for a system update OTL. I’m online now so when the update is over I’ll initiate you a trade! I see you online on friends list already, just needa get the update over with! Sorry for all the trouble, and since I’m gonna trade ya no matter what, congrats on completing 😀

          2. Thnxx, if you ever need a pokémon just ask, maybe I can help you with it! I also had the update!!! So everyone has the same trouble! But yeah now I have all 18 patterns!

          3. Haha yeah sure thanks for the offer! Was so sorry I took so long xD
            Yep, will poke you here when I need pokemon

          4. Is it maybe possible that you can give me another Jungle Vivillon?? A friend of mine wants one too!

  5. pretty please help me…I also want to have them all… mi # is 0645-7127-3629 I will trade for any other pokemon.
    I already have meadow, tundra, polar, marine, continental, modern, savana, elegant and high plains. I NEED: garden, sun, icy snow, sandstorm and aquall. Thanks

      1. hello! I have jungle and would like to know if you have extra meadow, elegant, marine or modern! fc 1693-1921-3261

  6. Hey guys, I am looking for Sun, Ocean, Icy, Archipelago, Marine, Sandstorm, Sun, Savanna and Tundra. Anyone Have one to trade for a A river, Modern or Polar? River being My native. FC is 3668 – 8768 – 3195

  7. Looking for savannah moonsoon or. Garden. Scatterbugs I want to evolve them myself if u have them lets get friend code savvy.

  8. I too have achieved the impossible! I had to trade away (extra) Yeveltel and Mewtwo, but I finally did it. Luckily, I got most before Pokemon Bank came out, which has made the dream even more impossible. Yay us!

    1. Conratulations! Yeah, I am so glad I got mine when I did. Though Tumblr folks are SUPER cool about giving out rare patterns still. Every place else, though, people are like “MEADOW VIVILLON? LOL. ONLY FOR A CYNDAQUIL.” And I’m just like thinking, “Wow. That’s harsh.” I wish Vivillon patterns could be bred outside of their originating games. Then it would be easier for people to get them!

  9. So I’m looking for a shiny 5 to 6 iv sandstorm, or monsoon vivillian, I have a whole bunch of competitive pokemon that are shiny so if uhhsve what I’m looking for and want to trade please reply thank u! 🙂

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  11. I recently started collecting Vivillon (this weekend) on Pokémon Sun, and I was wondering if I could get some of the Vivillon patterns I’m missing.
    I have these patterns for trade:
    High Plains
    I don’t (at time of post, I’m always trying to get more) have these patterns and am trying to get them:
    Icy Snow
    I can offer hidden ability Polar patterns, as it is my regional pattern and I have bred many with hidden abilities. I also have Polar patterns that have Timid and Modest natures if you are interested in that.
    Thank you for considering.
    – Nana

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