Exactly four weeks from today, we’ll be gearing up for San Diego Comic Con Preview Night! And after Preview Night, we’ll be headed to Tony Kim’s, aka Crazy4ComicCon’s, Game of Bloggers meet-up! The best part is that we’re there to see YOU!

Fans, readers, subscribers, and everyone in between can come out and mingle with a huge and diverse list of content creators. Seriously, check out the event on Tony’s site to see just how crazy this list of guests is getting – even we’re excited to geek out over some of the attendees! This free event to kick off SDCC will be the best time to rub elbows with some of your favorite bloggers before the convention. From Crazy4ComicCon himself:

  1. Content Creators: If you run a nerdy website, geeky instagram account, comic-con focused YouTube channel, pop culture blog, etc, I want you to join us. Anyone from the media is welcomed but contact me at Crazy4ComicCon (at) Hotmail (dot) com to be officially a part of this meet up and have your media logo added to the list of guests below.
  2. Fans: It’s not a Comic-Con party unless there are celebs – that’s you! If you are a fan of any of the sites listed below, we want to interview, podcast, Tweet, or vlog you on your thoughts on why you chose to come to SDCC, what you hope to see, and why Comic-Con is so important to you and culture. We want to meet you!

Event Details:

Date & Time: Wednesday July 8,  9 – 11 pm
Location: Patio & bar of the Dragon’s Den (315 10th Avenue)
Cost: Free!
Dress: Anything that you don’t mind getting blood on 😉
What to bring: Your tech for interviews and business cards!
Media Submission Deadline: June 17
Official Hashtag: #GameOfBloggers

New to the convention blogging community? This is an awesome way to create awareness about your website. Podcasters and vloggers, this is a great chance to interview fans! This will especially be a great opportunity for photographers to network with website that are covering Comic-Con this week. Social Media gurus, you will have more selfie pics than the internet will know what to do with! Overall, Game of Bloggers will be the perfect time to coordinate coverage or partner up with fellow content creators. This will be a FANtastic way to kick off your week and guaranteed to be more fun than a Red Wedding!

We can’t wait to connect with old friends and new at this meet-up! If you’re planning to attend and want to meet the Nerdophiles staff be sure to let us know so we can keep an eye out! Can’t wait to see you all in a month!

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