If you’ll be at Phoenix Comic Con this weekend, be sure to join the Human Resistance against the robots! This Saturday, May 30th Terminator Genysis’ “The Threat Has Evolved” experience will give fans the chance to enter a T-1000 simulator and see if they can survive Skynet.

Here’s the official details:

The TERMINTOR GENISYS “Threat Has Evolved” Experience is coming to Phoenix Comicon on Saturday, May 30. Attendees will have the chance to join the Human Resistance in preparing for their final battle against Skynet, but in order to help defeat the machines they must first familiarize themselves with the evolution of the various Terminator models. Through the creation of this T-1000 simulator, which allows fans to become Resistance soldiers and step into the role of this mimetic poly-alloy Terminator, see its ability to liquefy and take the form of another person and engage its deadly arsenal of blades. Soldiers will be tested and recorded to ensure that they are up for the challenge!

So if you’re at Phoenix Comic Con this weekend check out the simulator and tell us how you fared with #ThreatHasEvolved. And share any other cool con stuff you find on our Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Terminator Genysis hits theaters July 1st!

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