In a month, TNT’s The Last Ship will come back and season two seems to promise an entirely different story from season one. When we sat down with the cast of the show at WonderCon this year, we got a little bit of insight into the changes we would see in the second season.

After the events of the finale, the crew’s story on land has just begun and everything seems to have gone off on the wrong foot. Allies turn into enemies and enemies might be less villainous than we thought.

Jack Bender talks about the importance of immunity and its power within the context of the show, and while questions linger about the mutation of the virus it is clear that at the moment the focus will formulate around the immunity that those rare individuals have and the power that something like that holds.

Rhona Mitra touched on her character, Dr. Rachel Scott, and her relationship with John Pyper-Ferguson’s Tex. The two characters had a blossoming romance that sees to have had a lasting effect on both sides. The two were separated by the end of the season, but it remains to be seen if we will see Dr. Scott reunite with the man who has melted parts of her icy exterior.

What is clear is that characters will be put to the test; forced to choose between their responsibilities in distributing the cure and their own personal relationships. We’ve already seen this happen with Eric Dane’s Tom Chandler and his personal mission to find his family and cure them, but now that the entire crew is on land, the game has changed for everyone. No longer confined to the ship and the orders that they must follow on the ship, dynamics are sure to shift and change.

With the introduction of new characters, new conflicts, and new enemies, The Last Ship looks to have just as an exciting season as the previous. Season 2 premieres this summer, June 22nd, on TNT.

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