The fifth and final season of TNT’s science fiction drama Falling Skies teases huge changes and an ending to the long fought war of the Second Mass. After some teaser released by TNT, all we can gather together about the season with assurance is that this is gearing up to be an insane final season that won’t be without its casualties.

We caught up with some of the cast at Wondercon this year, Colin Cunningham (John Pope), Doug Jones (Cochise), Sarah Carter (Maggie), and Drew Roy (Hal Mason), to talk to them about their characters in the upcoming final season and where we might see them.

The fate of Pope and Sara’s relationship remains fuzzy by Cunningham’s response, but judging by the trailer they released at WonderCon, showing a Pope without his signature long locks and being held at gunpoint it seems like a rocky road to riding off into the sunset.

Cochise seems to have taken up a part of the Mason family as well as the Second Mass, by the sounds of it. After taking a much more active role in the last season, Jones suggests some more interactions with the rest of the group, like an Abbott and Costello relationship with Colonel Weaver, as well as some more comedy for the character. His relationship with Maggie seems to bring to light some of the issues of Maggie’s spikes as well as her part within the Maggie, Hal, and Ben love triangle.

For Maggie, it seems, this season the spikes take a center stage in her development both as her own character but also with her relationship with the rest of the group.

And of course to those “Halgie” shippers out there, it seems that despite the rough waters of a love triangle, Maggie may have changed her tune about a nice quiet future with Hal after the events of the apocalypse.

It’s to be guaranteed that the season will be action packed and full of high stakes as we see in trailers and teasers non-stop twists and the introduction of a new human military threat. Not to mention the still unknown fate of Tom Mason and his interaction with the alien from last season.

The final season premieres on TNT this Summer, June 28th.

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