Despite a number of very strong series, NBC is making some of the most drastic cuts going into the next season. Ten scripted series are on their way out with another eight still on the fence. Granted, some of those remaining series – like Hannibal – haven’t even started their current seasons yet. So it’ll be a while before we hear back on them.

Unfortunately, despite languishing in limbo for a while and the hopes and dreams of Constantine fans were crushed today when the final decision to drop the series was made.

That hasn’t stopped fans from turning to Twitter to renew their support efforts. Even Matt Ryan is hoping for a reprieve from another network.

Many of NBC’s reality series will be returning in the summer or the fall. America’s Got Talent, American Ninja Warrior, Celebrity Apprentice, Food Fighters, Hollywood Game Night, Last Comic Standing, and Running Wild With Bear Grylls all have the green light for current or upcoming season. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting to hear back about The Biggest Loser, Caught on Camera With Nick Cannon, Dateline, Undateable, and The Voice.

All that matters as far as I’m concerned, though, is that The Blacklist is coming back next fall! (But we’ve known that since February.)

Confirmed Renewals:

The Blacklist (Season 3)
Chicago Fire (Season 4)
Chicago P.D. (Season 3)
Grimm (Season 5)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Season 17)
The Mysteries of Laura (Season 2)
The Night Shift (Season 3)
Undateable (Season 3)

Confirmed Cancellations:

A to Z
About a Boy
Bad Judge
Marry Me
One Big Happy
Parks and Recreation
State of Affairs


A.D.: The Bible Continues
American Odyssey
The Slap
Welcome to Sweden

Updated 5/10/15

2 thoughts on “NBC Proves They Hate Us By Adding ‘Constantine’ to Their List of Axed Series”

  1. They hate YOU. Most people, they love. Hope no one picks up Constantine the show, which was a terrible insult to John Constantine the comics character, a terrible insult to fans of Hellblazer, a terrible insult to the LGBT community, and a terrible insult to girls, women, and comic book geeks (because Goyer).

    1. Not that girls and women aren’t comic book geeks. I was just working my way through all the insulted groups without stopping to Venn diagram

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