With cancellations and renewals rolling in, all eyes are on the major networks waiting to see which shows will (or will not) survive into the next season. FOX has a few series still waiting for a decision and they’ve made a slew of decisions in the past few dayds. But several of their series already knew their fate well before the annual May culling.

Empire, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, and Bob’s Burgers were renewed earlier this year. Empire was notably renewed just ten days after the pilot premiered. Of course, if you’ve seen the show you’d understand why. It’s amazing.

The Simpsons won’t need to worry next year around this time – they got renewed for the next two years.

But we are saying goodbye to a few series over at Fox. Sadly, The Following – which many of our staff members had enjoyed – won’t be returning. After a couple lackluster seasons, however, it sadly wasn’t a surprise.

We’re still waiting (likely until later in their seasons) to see if American Idol, Hotel Hell, or Weird Loners will follow The Following into the sunset.

Confirmed Renewals:

Bob’s Burgers (Season 6)
Bones (Season 11)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 3)
Empire (Season 2)
Family Guy (Season 14)
Gotham (Season 2)
Hell’s Kitchen (Season 14)
The Last Man on Earth (Season 2)
Masterchef (Season 6)
Masterchef Junior (Season 3)
New Girl (Season 5)
The Simpsons (Seasons 27 and 28)
Sleepy Hollow (Season 3)
So You Think You Can Dance (Season 12)
World’s Funniest Fails (Season 2)

Confirmed Cancellations:

The Following
Kitchen Nightmares
The Mindy Project
Red Band Society


American Idol
Hotel Hell
Weird Loners

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