Earlier this week Disney announced at an annual shareholders meeting that Frozen 2 is a go and currently in development. There is no official release date for the movie as of yet, but there are a ton of reactions to it. Some are really thrilled, and well others… not so much. In lieu of the normal movie announcement, we bring you a few of our favorite Twitter reactions to the announcement of Frozen 2.

I know that Finding Dory is on it’s way (June 17, 2016), but I really can’t wait for it. And it looks like Ellen can’t either. Just imagine Dory and Anna getting into hijinks together. Now that would be a movie to see.

Kristen, you’re adorable. But please let it go.

 Yeah Disney? Where is all of this? I mean, I’d even take another Toy Story that rips my heart out over Frozen 2.

Frozen FOREVER. FROZEN IS LIFE. This man sums it up. We’ll never escape the chilly grasp of Elsa.

E! recognizes that we can’t escape, and the best thing to do is make as many puns as you can. Check out the rest of their alternate titles here. My favorite is Frozen 2:Ice of You to Return. Many more have followed their lead to create new titles too. It’s a pretty great spin on an otherwise chilly reception. Check out more under the #Frozen2Titles tag.

As you can see, some are a lot more excited about Frozen 2 than others. And most those who are excited are kids under the age of twelve and the cast. In this movie we’re hoping Queen Elsa won’t sequester herself off in ice-olation, and Anna won’t  fall for any smooth talking, throne stealing, rather Hans-ome men. We’re also looking forward to more Kristoff and Sven, along with Oaken. I wouldn’t mind a film focusing on Kristoff and Sven’s past with the rock trolls. Now that would be a film worth melting for.

What are your thoughts on the return of the snow sisters? Are you looking forward to the new movie, or just wishing that Disney would have ended with one?

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