Well if we weren’t going to see it before, we’ll definitely see it twice now (who are we kidding, we were always going to see it at least five times). Yesterday, Marvel unveiled the final trailer for the highly anticipated follow-up to The Avengers after a Twitter campaign prompting fans to tweet and “unlock” the trailer. And tweet they did, unlocking the trailer a full day early.

avengers aos gif
This is what I imagine Twitter looked like. [ageofultron.tumblr.com]
What we got was another creepy Ultron speech, Steve and Tony starting to get uncivil, Natasha looking cool as hell, and more of that epic Hulk/Iron Man smackdown. Oh, let’s not forget our first look at the Vision!

A bit pinker than I was expecting, but looks good! [marvelouscabs.tumblr.com]
A bit pinker than I was expecting, but looks good! http://humanrightsfilmnetwork.org/propecia [marvelouscabs.tumblr.com]
While it seems nowadays no film is ever as good as its trailer, I can’t help but get my hopes very high for how great this will be. Of course I have some reservations (they need to find someone else to fight, other than robot armies, by Avengers 3) and some pressing questions (Where’s Bucky? Are Bruce and Natasha a thing now? When’s Black Widow getting her own movie?), this film is expected to deeply alter the Marvel Cinematic Universe and change the Avengers team roster going forward. We’ll all find out if it’s worth the hype when Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron kicks off the Summer movie season on May 1.

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