So I’m implementing Trailer Thursdays, where I’ll show you guys all the awesome trailers that have gone out over the weeks and try and dish up any news on them. Given that I’m a slave to alliteration, this title is purely decorative and they might not actually go up every Thursday, but when there are interesting ones or new ones, I will try to post them up

Django Unchained


I have always been a fierce lover of Quentin Tarantino’s films and I have to say that this looks like a fun one. This new trailer shows just a little more and we get to see a little bit of Samuel L. Jackson, as well as the dentist-deprived Leonardo Dicaprio. Movie aside, the trailers have done some awesome things with the music included and I will be on the hunt for the soundtrack as soon as possible. It’ll be hard to choose which one I’ll go see Christmas day.

Les Miserables


Christmas never seemed so far away. I don’t have to say much about this, just that I will go see this movie. However, this trailer shows more than the previous trailers did, with clips of songs like “One Day More” and Russell Crowe as Javert singing. This powerful and immensely popular musical will garner box office hits on Christmas Day this year!

Jack the Giant Slayer


I am so excited for Nicolas Hoult’s new movies to come out. Warm Bodies and Jack the Giant Slayer promise to be big winners at the box office. I loved Hoult when he was on the UK Skins and I secretly hope that he and Jennifer Lawrence can be Hollywood’s new power couple. Aside from my selfish desires, this movie looks exciting and very Grimmesque. Post apocalypse and fairy tales are all the rage in media, Jack and the Giant Slayer will definitely be furthering that trend.



It’s explosive and filled with guns, but what attracts me to this movie is the cast. Jon Bernthal, Harry Perrineau, Susan Sarandon, and The ROCK? Did I miss something? Well anything that brings Shane back into the mix is going to be put on the list for me. Plus every once in a while, I need a movie with just a lot of explosions. This movie is coming out February 22, 2012.

Killing Them Softly


Killing Them Softly seems to just be a movie that is made to show off Brad Pitt, and after a look at a second trailer, it seems to have confirmed my suspicions. However, it looks like the movie is trying to give off a Guy Ritchie London Underground feel, which I love, and I loved Pitt in Snatch, so hopefully this will follow the same vein. Not to mention the fact that Brad Pitt is getting some good feedback on his work in this movie. This movie is officially being released November 30.

To humor you, Noobz


Like most movies that conform to stereotypes, this one seems to make a mockery of our subculture as easily as it seems to simplify it. I think given some time and better editing this movie could have been entertaining, but if the movie is anything like the trailer, I think I’ll be leaving it out of my repertoire. However, the Noobz facebook is doing a sweepstakes for a giveaway Xbox which might be worth looking into! It is being released this coming January!

Also, word is that an exclusive Man of Steel trailer will come along with the premiere of The Hobbit.

“The trailer has everything; you get a sense of the story, breathtaking action sequences that are just a snippet of the film. It has everything a fanboy would dream of in a first Superman trailer, but it has the appeal that would draw the wider audience in. I will say that clear and present images of Zod are seen in the trailer. You just need to watch it without knowing anything to be really blown away.”

Looks like we’re in for a great movie about Bilbo but also an awesome sneek peak to the upcoming Superman movie.

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