Novel Interiors

Author: Lisa Borgnes Giramonti
Release Date: December 2, 2014
Publisher: Potter Style
Source: Blogging for Books
Genre(s): Style, Home, Decorating
Spoilers: Mild

Rating: ★★★★☆
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Have you ever wanted to jump into a book and live in the homes there? I’m sure we all have at one point or another. This book helps you to realize that dream by giving you tips and suggestions on how to make your home feel like your book home. A gorgeous hardback, this book is filled with beautiful photographs, a commentary that makes it feel more like reading a favorite novel than a how to book, and quotes from all the greats. This book deserves a favorite spot on your shelf.

Giramonti breaks down the book into sections based on the authors you favor. From Dickens and Austen, to Wharton and Waugh, to Fitzgerald and Dineson, and even Wilde and Proust, there’s a section for everyone. The sections are broken into cleverly named chapters that explain a bit about what they are all about. For example, the chapter that takes inspiration from Charles Dickens and Jane Austen is aptly named “Shall I put the Kettle on?” and “Sometimes a Fantasy” is drawn from Oscar Wilde and Marcel Proust. Each chapter gives you a new genre of book to explore to find the one that suits your personal taste. Never fear if you fall into more than one category! All the themes can be brought together to give you a real sense of being in your favorite novels!

Not only is this a pretty book to look at and leaf through, it is quite practical as well. Each section is filled with tips on how to make your space excel. It explains every aspect of what was chosen to fill that space, where to find it, and even gives some history behind why the rooms look and feel the way they do. One of my favorite sections is “The Finishing Touches,” as it gives little extra things you can add into your space. Another favorite of mine is the many book quotes throughout the book. It gives it that little extra special touch  that ties the pictures and tips back in with the novels.

Final Thoughts:
I honestly really enjoyed reading this book and being inspired by all the beautiful photographs. Giramonti is a brilliant author and designer, and Ivan Terestchenko is a great photographer. Together they really pulled the essence of the novels out into the real world and made living in a fictional one more accessible to us readers. The flow and break down of the book is nice, and it really does read more like a novel than your average how to decorate book. This is one of those “coffee table” books that is much more at home on a shelf than an end table.


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