Straight from the father of the Internet Lou Dorchen himself, the first trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 2 has hit the web.

There are two ways a movie about time travel can go. No, either way, messing with the past or future is going to screw everything up in a major way. But it can either be serious and suspenseful like Project Almanac, or it can be a slapstick comedy. I doubt I need to tell you which category Hot Tub 2 falls under.

Reprising their roles as Lou, Nick, and Jacob are Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke. And when another trip in the hot tub takes them to the future, their merry band is joined by Adam… Jr. (played by Adam Scott).

Maybe things didn’t go so badly for those guys. Who wouldn’t take advantage of the chance to be the creator of the Internet or the writer of Lisa Loeb’s “Stay (I Missed You)”? You’ll just have to see what the future holds when Hot Tub Time Machine 2 hits theaters on February 20.



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