Synopsis of 6×10: Caroline’s mom has terminal cancer, Bonnie’s stranded for Christmas, and Kai’s on his same tired rampage. All in all, it’s pretty glum for a Christmas episode.


Ugh. The CW is just not on top of its mid-season finales this year.

On the list of television sins, TVD managed to tick off nearly all of them: there wasn’t a lot of action, the stakes were low, the story wasn’t interesting, and the cliffhanger ‘twist’ was phoned-in at best. Also, for a Christmas episode, there was ZERO Christmas cheer. For a show which glamorizes every single minor town happening, I did not get my jingles from this year’s holiday episode. Not okay.

Let’s get to it.

Kai’s doing his whole oddly-endearing-homicidal-maniac routine all over town, Bonners is still stranded on The Other Side, Elena’s still horribly conflicted over her Eternal Sunshine relationship with Damon, and essentially everything’s a mess.

Wanna know how to add to that mess?


Sheriff Forbes has cancer. Which apparently cannot be healed with vampire blood. Seriously. Vampire blood, which can heal everything barring decapitation apparently cannot do a goddamn thing for brain cancer.

After Caroline and her mother reunite outside of Mystic Falls to rev up the Christmas cheer in Caroline’s dorm room, the Sheriff suddenly collapses. The rest of the episode for Stefan, Caroline, and the Sheriff is spent in the hospital learning about her diagnosis and her impending death.

How’s that for Christmas cheer?

Anyway, Stefan comforts Caroline at the end of the episode, so it looks like all will be well between Staroline in the future.

In the Bonnie storyline, the Bennett witch is celebrating Christmas solo in a vacant lot. She flashes back to happier times with Elena and Caroline in Mystic Falls, but at the end of the episode, she’s still left alone with a Christmas tree that she sets on fire.

Again. How’s that for Christmas cheer?

On This Side, Jeremy’s still torn up about Bonnie’s stranded status. There’s a lot of mutual forlorn longing and I’m a bit over it. Matt’s storyline is also pretty tired. He’s pissed at Enzo for mercilessly slaughtering a minor side character, so he morphs into Tripp and vans him over the border. Unfortunately for Matt, Kai’s shenanigans have undone the Mystic Falls anti-magic border.

Speaking of Kai, back in serial killer land, Kai has kidnapped Joe and forced the WonderWitchTwins (version 2.0) to get her to take her magic back so they don’t have to merge. Damon and Ric manage to turn the tables on Kai and hold him hostage while Joe prepares to defeat him in the merge. After that nonsense, Kai starts to sap the magic from the anti-magic border all around Mystic Falls and becomes superpowerful. Even though he’s grabbing magic from an anti-magic zone. We’re not questioning the plausibility of this action this week. Mostly because I’m over it.

Anyway, Kai breaks the anti-magic border around the town, so everyone can come back home! Yay! Well, Kai also escapes, cloaks Elena, and hits her over the head when she goes to patch things up romantically with Damon. Last time, I promise.

So how’s that for Christmas cheer?

Anyway, here’s hoping your holiday was better than the gang’s in Mystic Falls!

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