Synopsis of 4×09: Jimmy deals with the aftermath of his mother’s death while pushing everyone away. The twins place their faith in the wrong hands. Dandy basically does what Dandy does best – this isn’t even a spoiler at this point.


Stormageddon 2014 couldn’t get this blogger down! Although the wind and rain definitely messed up my internet connection until last night so I’m sorry that I’m late to the chase with this recap. Let me be honest though, this wasn’t the greatest episode although there even though there were a few moments of plot development.

But let’s start!

I opened up Twitter after a goodbye dinner with my co-workers and this my only notification. Thank you so much Rebecca for warning me of this episode because I was able to brace myself for it, although it was still quite horrific to watch anyways.

Rebecca, thank you for warning me of this episode [FX]
Rebecca, thank you for warning me of this episode.
The show starts off with Dandy murdering an Avon sales woman who comes to speak to the lady of the house, but we already know what happened to her last week don’t we? I thought we’d seen the end of poor Gloria but I wasn’t expecting her to have a new addition – the Avon lady’s head. Dandy is missing his two-headed love and is pining for Dot and Bette to be returned him, but he still is incredibly nervous about his future.

Cue in a visit to Maggie, who for some reason cannot recognize Dandy’s voice, and a reading into his future. She quickly tells him that he will be forgiven for his indiscretion and that he has nothing to worry about, which brings Dandy to tears and has him leaving the show with a large grin. Jimmy doesn’t seem to be too happy about Dandy’s presence though, and decides to run away from drunkenly flirting with Ima Wiggles (the morbidly obese woman who is proving to be nothing but a “Oh my god can you believe Jimmy left Maggie for this?” character sadly) to confront Dandy. Dandy isn’t threatened at all by the incoherent Lobster Boy though and promises that Jimmy will pay for making him suffer.

Jimmy hasn’t been doing too well since his mother’s death. After leaving Maggie, he fell in a sobbing mess into Ima’s arms and has been staying there and shirking his responsibilities. In an awkward scene, Maggie and Desiree walk in on them mid-coitus before Jimmy throws up and drunkenly exclaims that he’s off to a tupperware party. Jimmy is a character that I still haven’t been able to pinpoint in terms of the story – he’s essentially the only one to have interacted with every character and still he just seems to float. At first, he was the boy who hid his hands and was the secret of the fashionable ladies of town, then the town’s hero for killing the clown, and then the drunken boy who found his father and lost his mother. Jimmy’s been lost, and he’s in for a whole other story now, Dandy is keeping his promise of making his life Hell.

Dandy decided to make a little trip to the party and left a house full of murdered housewives while the drunken Jimmy somehow stumbled back to the show only to find the twins in his trailer.

Oh yeah, the twins are back.

Stanley and Elsa found the twins holed up in a motel that Ethel had put them in and tell the girls that they did it! The doctor is coming to separate them! They bring them to a disgustingly run down shack which is obviously a sign that bad things are about to happen. In a moment of selflessness, Bette declares that if only one can live she wants to give her life to Dot and out of nowhere the girls decided that they don’t want to be separated and run back to the camp, where they end up in Jimmy’s trailer. Naked. Jimmy asks them how this is supposed to work when Bette declares that she’s okay with him being with Dot and will just close her eyes. Of course she starts to get in on the action a bit before Jimmy tells her he can’t do it and that he’s in love with someone else. Their time is cut shorter though when the cops arrive and arrest Jimmy for the massacre of the housewives.

Dandy has the cops wrapped around his little finger though. After Regina is finally fed up with not getting an answer from the Motts, she arrives with the sheriff in tow. As she stands there threatening Dandy, he simply just laughs, calls himself God, and tells the sheriff that he will pay him a million dollars to keep quiet and to kill Regina.

THE GUY DOES IT WITHOUT A SECOND OF HESITATION. A guy literally calls himself God after he screams about all the people he’s killed and will keep killing and the cop just jumps at a million dollars without even a hint of it. The showrunners obviously just don’t care about the talent that they have on the show and are just going for offing their characters whenever they get the chance.

Dell almost found himself with the same fate, but at his own hands. Ethel reappears to taunt him as he contemplates suicide, but right after he slips the noose around his neck and kicks out the chair, he has second thoughts. Luckily Desiree arrives and saves him in time, but this death would have probably been the second most important after Dandy’s death if he had died. His reasons for wanting to die – his shame at being gay and his guilt over the death of Ma Petite, all stem from Stanley knowing and potentially exposing it at any second.

What’s the death count for this show at now? It definitely exceeds the other seasons but there’s no sign of it slowing down. With many more guest stars coming up and many regulars still kicking it, I don’t know what’s going to happen in the end now that Dandy has the cops on his side, but it’s not going to be pretty.

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