With just two more episode left in the second season of Killjoys, we spoke to both Aaron Ashmore, who plays Johnny Jaqobis, and Luke MacFarlane, who plays D’avin Jaqobis, about what we could look forward to in these last two episodes and where we might see the show going in the future.

After a crazy season of body swapping and green goo and a real, live Lucy, it’s hard to imagine what else the SyFy show can throw at us for the finale. Our favorite trio of killjoy reclamation agents has been severed with Johnny joining Pawter’s cause, leaving Dutch and D’avin to work without him. With the secrets and lies that circulate around Dutch and Johnny’s once stalwart relationship, we had to ask if the results of the events of season two would leave the relationship irreparable.

“I think that at the heart of this show, it’s always going to be about this team,” Ashmore said, “I think in many ways that’s what this show is about. I don’t think we have to worry too much about these relationships being completely fractured, but it also adds some depth to create some tension and drama between these characters.”

“It’s kind of like a family drama, on some level,” MacFarlane added.

And although, Dutch may be hurt by Johnny’s actions, we know his actions are coming from a good place. Ashmore commented on Johnny’s development in the current season, saying, “John’s really acting out of his heart. He’s fallen in love, and he’s following his heart, and I don’t think that Pawter’s made him do anything, that’s not the case at all. He’s doing things and making decisions for himself, but a big part of that is Pawter and his feelings for her.” He also teased, “But I think by the end of the season, John is falling off the deep end, and probably is where D’avin was last year: completely shaken up and off kilter.”

It seems like this shaking up might come from what we’ll see in these last two episodes, as Ashmore reveals there are big revelations and new information exposed in the last two episodes, “For John, his path is definitely changed by the events that happen in 209 and 210, in a major, major way. I think in a very unexpected way. I did not see what was coming for John as we started the season. He’s in a completely different space from when we started.”

On the flip side, we’ve seen both Dutch and D’avin diverge from each other after coming together last season to disastrous conclusions. Dutch has found some comfort with Alvis, while D’avin found some brief comfort with Sabine. We asked MacFarlane whether or not we’d get to see Dutch and D’avin reconcile their romantic relationship together in anyway, or if the two had decided to set that aside in favor of the team.


“I don’t think they’ve decided anything. But we don’t make out in the last episode, if that’s what you’re asking,” MacFarlane admitted, “There’s still a possibility of it, maybe, but we have way bigger fish to fry in the last episode. I’m surprised that anyone thinks we’re going to get together again, we’ve been through so much.” Indeed, after nearly killing Dutch when D’avin lost control of his own body and being controlled, it looks like a long and rocky road for any shippers out there.

“But, I have no idea, and I actually have no idea what the plan is for those two characters,” he added. “Are they going to learn how to be friends, like Johnny? And is that the deepest level of connected you can be with somebody? As a friend, or as a lover? I don’t know.” It looks like we might not get another Dutch/D’avin lip lock this season, but perhaps the potential is still there for these two in season three.

What is for certain is the relationship that these two brothers have with Dutch. MacFarlane touched on during the interview, saying, “I think, so much of this show is about our relationship to this incredibly intriguing woman.” While both Jaqobis brothers are more in tuned with their emotions, the stereotypical dynamic of women being more connected to their emotions is switched on Killjoys. “These two men are very in touch with their feelings, especially John, but we really see that with D’avin this year too. He was such a tough guy in the first season, and we see him sort of softening and falling into his humor and softer side with the kids. It’s interesting to see that,” Ashmore elaborated.


Killjoys does do the best with their main character, Dutch, played by Hannah John-Kamen. Her story has taken an interesting turn this season with the revelation of a doppelganger, named Aneela, seen in D’avin’s visions while being injected with the green goo. Without much knowledge of who this look-a-like is, only just finding out that Aneela is Khylen’s daughter, it remains one of the biggest mysteries yet to be uncovered in this season.

When asked which characters the two actors would like to switch spots with for 24 hours, Ashmore chose Alvis and MacFarlane waffled between either Dutch or Pawter. “I always have this moment of jealousy,” MacFarlane admitted, “when everyone shows up on set and they have their outfits for the episode, and everyone’s always like, ‘Oh my god, Dutch! That jacket’s so cool!’ and her costume fittings are these like two-hour ordeals where she gets to try on things. For me, it’s like, ‘Oh, well, we’re going to put you in the blue shirt.'” “I love that you want to be Dutch or

“I love that you want to be Dutch or Pawter because you’re jealous of their costumes,” Ashmore laughed as MacFarlane gushed over one of Sarah Powers’ costumes for an episode.

Jokes aside, both actors seemed serious about just how intense the season finale would be for both the audience and the show. MacFarlane described it as the biggest episode by far, both in set design and in action, and of course with the biggest reveal so far. “I think the last two are pretty emotional on a couple different fronts,” Ashmore added, “so if you’re an emotional person, I’d say get your box of tissues ready.”

Oh, jeez. Well, you heard it directly from them, get your tissues ready as episode 209 of Killjoys, “Johnny Be Good”, airs tonight at 9/8c on SyFy. The finale, “How to Kill Friends and Influence People” is set to air next week, September 2, same time and same place.

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