Synopsis of 2×06: Tensions run high between Clarke and Finn, and Raven discovers that Mount Weather is interfering with Camp Jaha’s communication systems. Meanwhile, Jasper and Monty discover the truth about what’s going on at Mount Weather and Octavia comes face-to-face with her worst nightmare.


The thing to love about The 100 is how it plays a game of musical chairs with its characters. You’re never sure where they’ll go, but you can bet they’ll end up in some kind of group one way or another. Last week, Kane found himself separated from his group, betrayed, and tossed into a jail. Despite it seeming like we had once again lost another leader of the Ark, he found himself in the same cell as Jaha.

Meanwhile Abby takes the kids with her on a scouting mission to take down a radio tower that Mount Weather has put up to block their radio messages. Without radio contact, Camp Jaha isn’t able to contact other fallen Ark stations, and isn’t able to regroup. Despite her attempts to keep them all together, Bellamy and Octavia are soon separated from the group, in an attempt to find an entrance into Mount Weather. Again, what seems like another doomed separation when the acid fog comes, becomes another reunion.

After Finn’s actions last episode (you know, shooting a bunch of unarmed old people, women, and children), Clarke is still reeling from his actions. It’s been a few days, but it is the quiet before the storm. It’s made very obvious in this episode that the people of the Ark are going to be paying for Finn’s rash actions. While out with Abby and the other kids, Finn separates from the group, and Clarke follows him to try and get him back. Understandably angry at him, they are also caught in the fog and forced to make cover for the bunker.

This was a great episode to revisit some old character relationships that were a large part of season 1: Finn and Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia, Kane and Jaha, Abby and Raven, Jasper and Monty. Characters that have been separated emotionally or physically from one another are able to once again get some of the chemistry that they demonstrated so brilliantly before.

Abby and Raven are able to figure out, under the cover of a tent in the midst of the fog, that not only are they able to tap in on Mount Weather’s radio signal, but they are able to listen in on the plans. The acid fog, thought to be a result of the radiation, is actually a weapon used by Mount Weather called the veil in attempts to stop the actions of Camp Jaha. Originally the team planned to bomb the radio tower that was blocking their messages, allowing the camp to find other survivors and other guards to protect them. But Abby makes the decision to keep the line open to Mount Weather, in favor of saving the 47 kids trapped inside the Mountain.

And good thinking too. Little do the other people know, but the 47 kids have been forced to donate their blood for Mount Weather’s treatments. Maya reveals to Jasper and Monty the source of the “treatments”, giving them a first hand look at what Mount Weather is capable of. Afraid, and rightly so, that Jasper and his friends are next, Maya warns them to stay on their guard.

President Dante, being told by Dr. Tsing that the humans trials were a success and that Maya is now able to go above ground, urges Dante to sacrifice the kids for their own well being. Thankfully Dante isn’t as crazy as his son or the good doctor, and tells Jasper part of the truth. He asks for Jasper and the kids to donate their blood, that it will save lives. Given the choice, and knowing what will happen if he says no, he and Monty are able to convince the other kids to begin doing treatments, holding out for when Clarke can come and save them.

Clarke’s got enough on her mind, though, as being caught in the bunker with Finn forces her to face what he has done. Unable to see Finn as the same man she knew, the bunker, a place where they once shared good memories, now holds the body of the Grounder that Finn killed in cold blood. More evidence of his change. However, it seems the two have some hope of living past Finn’s actions when Finn returns Clarke’s father’s watch to him, though they both acknowledge that they have both changed drastically.

Speaking of drastic changes, forced underground into a old garage, Bellamy, Octavia, and a few guards come upon a group of reapers. Bellamy and Octavia manage to survive by using their wits, but come across a familiar face. Lincoln. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Reaper Lincoln. Unable to kill him, Bellamy and Octavia knock him out and prepare to take him home, hoping to reverse whatever he’s become.

Of course, Kane and Jaha have finally been reunited. Kane, who has been on a serious redemption arc from starting out as a primary antagonist to Abby and Jaha, is forced to fight Jaha by the Grounders who have captured them. A serving girl named Lexa remains in the cell with them and tells them that one must kill the other or they will both be killed. They must answer for what Finn did to the village; the Grounders regard Finn as an assassin.

Unwilling to kill Jaha, Kane is willing to sacrifice himself for Jaha to live and slits his own wrist. It is then that the Grounders return to the cell, and Lexa reveals herself to be their commander. She comments that their intentions are honorable, but separates the two, beating up Jaha to send a message while Kane is forced to watch. Sending Jaha back to meet up with Abby and the kids, he informs them that the Grounders send a message: leave or die.

It was a good episode that reinforced some old relationships while catching us up on the action that has taken place the past few episodes. While not as life changing as some previous moments, it was an important developmental episode. Now that Jaha is back as the leader, will the show dispense with Kane? Experience tells me he still has an important role to play. Now that the 47 are donating blood, has their safety in Mount Weather been temporarily guaranteed? Will they be able to ween Lincoln out of the reaper spell that he’s been sent into? Too many questions, not enough answers.

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