Suffice it to say that when I was informed that Sailor Moon was getting a reboot I was incredulous. It was exciting to think of something that I still hold close to my heart getting reworked, but at the same time I was afraid that they would royally screw it up. After waiting and watching the first few episodes though, I was ecstatic! The producers, Toei Animation, had decided to stick close to the original Sailor Moon manga and cut almost all filler. In fact, it is so condensed that Toei plans to have only 26 episodes in contrast to the original anime that aired in 1995 which has two hundred episodes.

*Spoilers ahead*

I have quite a few hopes for Sailor Moon Crystal, especially after the latest episodes. In the original anime and manga Kunzite, Jadeite, Zoisite, and Nephrite are killed off. Sailor Moon Crystal has kept them alive definitely longer than the original anime story did and it’s about the same for the manga as well. This has made me hopeful, despite it being such a far-fetched idea, that maybe they won’t die. Maybe they get to live and be with the inner Senshi. I supremely doubt this, but I would love it. It would be so nice to see the Sailor Senshi get to be with their lovers from their past lives, just like Usagi. I’m not quite sure how Toei Animation would make it work or what it would mean for the rest of the story line, and it honestly doesn’t seem entirely realistic to keep them alive, but as an avid fan that has always wanted to see a happy ending for all the Sailor Senshi, this would be fantastic.

This next hope I have is a bit contradictory to the last. I really, really hope that Toei Animation sticks with being close to the original story line of the manga. The original anime was bogged down by filler and censored in many ways. My wish is for Sailor Moon Crystal to actually state that Uranus and Neptune are lovers instead of cousins and to keep not targeting the show towards little kids. I’m loving that I don’t feel six watching this show, instead I feel like I can watch the show and be reminded of the manga.

It has to be said. I absolutely abhor Sailor Moon’s transformation at the beginning. The Betty Spaghetti arm is killing it for me. I cannot look at that thing without cringing. When I first saw it I figured that it was just the first episode, they would notice how bad it looks and it would get fixed- but it didn’t. Please for the love of all things Sailor Moon – FIX IT. We are eleven episodes in now, I do not understand why that arm still looks so floppy! I understand they are using 3D computer graphics to make the transformations new and exciting, and I’m okay with that. I’ve actually grown quite fond of the other scouts’ transformations. I just cannot get over that arm!

I think there are numerous great things about this show – the way it sticks close to the manga, only having twenty-six episodes, having practically no filler. It is a great idea and I am loving watching the episodes as they come out. I would even tell someone to forgo the original anime and just start watching Crystal. I have really high hopes for it, even if some of them don’t pan out.

What are some of your hopes for Sailor Moon Crystal? Tell me in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Mea’s Hopes for Sailor Moon Crystal”

  1. If Toei sticks to planned 26 episodes, Uranus and Neptune won’t appear at all. Also, the “cousins” were just in some translations, not in the original anime.

  2. I’m enjoying Crystal the filler less storyline and that it doesn’t use stock footage attacks feels much less like a power rangers episode now. I could see the general either get killed off or be healed by Sailor moon in one of the 2 upcoming episodes.
    I just hope we get the full manga animated past the Black Moon Arc after episode 26. I want to see SuperS that season was pretty horrible in the old anime and was different in the manga. I def want more than 4 episodes of Hotaru as Sailor Saturn.

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