Synopsis of 4×07: Christmas goblins are destroying homes all around Portland and only Nick can stop them!


For all the crap I’ve given Grimm the past couple of weeks, I really have to give them props for their Christmas episode. It was pretty much everything I could have wanted or expected from a show like Grimm. This week’s episode was hilarious, lighthearted, and downright fun. It was also a little bit cheesy, but that’s the nature of Christmas episodes of any show.

The episode began at a Christmas party. During the party, when everyone is distracted, there is a package delivered to the front doorstep. A couple of guests brought it in and left it under the tree, but that was a big mistake. After the party was over and the couple who threw it were in bed, the chaos began. Out of the box scrambled three ugly, smelly goblins who apparently hated Christmas. They began to destroy the house and then, when the husband came down to check on things, attacked him and sent him to the hospital.

Monroe and Rosalee, on the other hand, had a very pleasant evening. Monroe went all out for Christmas again and Rosalee seemed more amendable to it than she had last season. While watching a really old train go by on the tracks, Monroe sends Rosalee a cute little invitation. He finally offered to take them on their honeymoon. Due to all the chaos of Nick losing his powers and the crazy that followed, they’d never had their chance to celebrate their marriage. Since things have settled and Nick has his powers back, they can finally go off and celebrate together.

Speaking of Monroe and Rosalee, Nick and the crew were still trying to get to the bottom of the wesen group that had decided to torment them over their marriage. It turned out the group spanned as far back as the Catholic Inquisition, where they’d use their position of power to weed out the “impure” wesen and publicly execute them under Catholic authority. In one of Nick’s books, his ancestor talked about how it gave him a chance to take a sabbatical, since the wesen were killing each other and he didn’t have to worry about it. It was sort of sad.

Trubel decided to follow up on whoever it was that was tormenting Monroe and Rosalee. She went back to the house of Chase, a wesen she’d encountered a few episodes earlier who had made threats against a then-powerless Nick. Of course Josh wanted to go with her, since he wanted to be included in the world of grimm life even though he himself was not one. So together they went to the house and honestly didn’t get too much out of it other than almost getting  caught and having to bash a wesen over the head with a rock.

I just hope the Voodoo Donuts the wesen was holding didn’t end up going to waste. I bet there was a maple bacon bar in there somewhere, or maybe a McMinnville Cream.

While all of this happened in the background, Nick and Hank had to investigate the goblin assault. The man who had been attacked gave a sketch artist a description of the things that attacked him and Wu showed it to Nick and Hank. I think this episode should have been titled, “Wu is so over all of this bullshit” because his long suffering expression was so perfect. I really have to feel for the guy because he knows just enough to get himself in trouble, but not enough to actually make sense of what is going on around him.

Renard came clean to Nick about his mother’s intentions, which I think solidified my trust in him. I was worried he would keep his mother’s intentions, therefore his intentions, hidden. Instead he told Nick exactly what the deal was, because neither of them wants their mothers to end up dead at the other’s hand over a child. They’re working together and I appreciated the character development we’ve seen in Renard. He’s a team player now more than he ever was.

According to the books, the Christmas goblins are actually children going through some strange sort of hormonal issue. They are wesen children out of the Greek isles, but something about the Christmas season triggers in some of them a weird reaction. The kids turn into goblins and destroy everything Christmas related, for reasons unknown. However, there is a solution to this issue. If they are fed enough fruit cake, by morning they will return to normal and stay normal.

That’s right folks, there’s a reason for fruit cake. I lost my mind at this point because I thought it was such a clever and ridiculous plot line. The day was going to be saved by fruitcake.

In more serious news, Juliette expressed some worry regarding nausea to Rosalee and they came to the conclusion she may be pregnant. The fact she became pregnant, probably, while under the spell as Adalind is concerning to say the least. Honestly, the very last thing we need on this show is yet another crazy demon baby with super powers out and about. Unfortunately, we don’t get a resolution to this until possibly next week. While the episode showed Juliette taking a pregnancy test, all that the audience saw was a concerned look in the mirror which didn’t really tell us much about the results.

Once the team figured out where the goblin children would be in their non-goblin form, they bought out a fruitcake truck and created a trap. When the kids turned they followed a trail of fruitcake right into the food truck where they were locked in all night. By morning, the children had returned to normal and everyone was at ease.

While all of this happened, Trubel and Josh had a few moments together that set up the last scene of the episode. Trubel showed Josh Aunt Marie’s trailer, which I felt uneasy about just because I think telling everyone and their mom about that trailer is going to be bad news. While in the trailer, Josh expressed an interest and a fear. He wanted to go back home and continue his life, but he wasn’t sure if he was going to be safe in doing so. Since he wasn’t a grimm like his father, there’s no way for him to really protect himself against the people who are after the key.

In the last part of the episode, Nick returned home from capturing the goblins to find Trubel sitting on the doorstep. She told him she was going to leave and go with Josh in order to help him get his life back together. There was a tearful goodbye, and I was relatively disappointed to see such an amazing character take her leave. Nick was, too. There was something about the scene that seemed ominous, though, if only because of Nick’s almost uneasy reaction to once again being the only grimm in town.

All in all, I liked what they did with Trubel and I felt it was appropriate for her to take Aunt Marie’s car and leave with Josh to help him get his life back together. While I felt like her time with Nick was so brief and fleeting, we really got to watch her make a complete 180 from a scared kid into someone who now actively seeks out purpose. Her intentions were good and I appreciated getting to watch her grow. I hope she’ll be back soon.

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