Synopsis of 1×012As the season begins to draw to a close, the plot lines begin to wrap up. Evie and Xavier plan their trip to Reykjavik, Xavier gets his work checked out by Dr. Fields, and Corey Casey makes good on his threat to close the Seattle branch of CyberMart. Wait, WHAT? 

That’s right, just as work life starts to go well, it’s all comes crumbling down. All thanks to Roger Bart and his delightful cameos. 

With the branch closing, everyone is relocated. Kareema to Detroit, Hank to Phoenix, and Deirdre to the coldest place in the earth, Siberia. Only Evie is moved to the nearby Tacoma branch, a mere 30 miles away. And none of them are willing to quit their jobs.

Kareema needs to stay employed now that she’s got her green card marriage in place. Deirdre is convinced that CyberMart is her future, as it was the first place to recognize her leadership potential. And Hank is afraid of the job market (which is silly, some Seattleite’s insight: he could find another corporate job pretty darn quick out there). 

So Evie comes up with a win-win-win-win-win-win situation. They find each of their counterparts at the Tacoma branch, find out their life passion, and convince them quit their jobs. It takes some snooping, but they start to wrestle it down. 

Hank’s counterpart loves making candles. It started as apocalypse prep; these two are counterparts in more ways than the job. But his candles smell terrible. Like, they smell like for real for real doo-doo.  So the gang starts a business for him, marketing his candles as diet candles. And it works! 

[the cw]
[the cw]

Deirdre’s counterpart was equally as easy. She loves organizing events for others. So they get her a job as a cruise director of events. Easy peasy! 

Last one is Kareema. Her counterpart they thought was into magic, considering the fact that they found her performing as a magical duo in an underground speakeasy. But, really she is in love with her magic partner Craig. Kareema, in her blunt way, makes that happen. But it doesn’t get her the job. 

Xavier’s problem this week is trying to work out a way to stop the apocalypse. If Evie thought that getting Xavier to hope for a future would help, she was dead wrong. Xavier’s obsessive personality is now completely dedicated to finding a way to stop the asteroid. But Xavier’s math is totally sound. Every simulation he does blows up the Earth. 

He has to find an eccentric billionaire willing to help him out. Enter, Corey Casey! Xavier, in typical fashion, fakes his way into Casey’s life. But then Xavier does something unexpected. He uses some Evie-like tactics to win over Casey. Instead of immediately bombarding Casey with his theory (which has legit never worked for Xavier in the past), he reunited Casey with his lost love. This is something Evie would do – appeal to the emotions, then ask for help. 

Well, it works. Casey sets up a meeting between Xavier and a NASA scientist. Everything is going so well! 

Thankfully, Timothy Fingers has inadvertently helped Xavier out. Improproganda has a hot new editor in town, and she insists on publishing Timothy’s piece on Xavier. But someone has to check the math. Thankfully, Dr. Fields, the same doctor who threw Xavier’s works out months ago is given the task of proving Xavier’s math. (Proving! Get it? Proofs; proving. It’s a math joke and I’m hilarious.) 

Timothy also asks out the hot new boss. For a guy who’s convinced he and Evie will wind up together, he sure does enter into a lot of relationships really fast. 

So remember Kareema, and how she didn’t get the job in Tacoma? Well, Evie finds a way. After talking with Timothy about the work Dr. Fields did on Xavier’s research, Evie quits her job. That’s right, after her multiple speeches about loving her job, after making a speech this episode about wanting a work community she could grow old with, she quits. Kareema instead will run CyberHugs. With makes Kareema cry. (But don’t tell anyone that. She’ll stab you.) 

[the cw]
[the cw]

And what does this new bit of information means for Evie and Xavier? Well, for Evie it means she and Xavier can go to Iceland. They can be spontaneous and adventurous, just like Xavier always says. And for Xavier it means his world comes crashing down.  He’s built his entire life and most of his personality around this theory. Evie still doesn’t quite understand this and set a ultimatum. Her or the theory. Rough going, Evie. She leaves for the airport and hopes Xavier will magically join her, Love-Actually-style. 

But life has other plans. At this point the show does an 180 Genre Switch. No more is it the romantic comedy we’ve been watching this whole time. Suddenly it is a completely different beast. We have the return of Dr. Field’s as a government scientist. She B & E’s Timothy’s house with some goons and demands theorist come forward, vven though Xavier’s been hounds her about this theory for years.

Because after all this time and all this headache, it turns out the asteroid is real. This is also the point at which Xavier gets duped into thinking his theory is real, and dashes off to meet Evie. But Cousin Jesse drugs him and drives him to who-knows-where. Could it be Houston to meet Corey’s NASA Scientist? Could it be a government lair meant to prove the theory? We have one episode left to find out! 

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