Feeling blue today? I certainly was this morning, until I logged onto Facebook and saw that BBC One had gifted the Internet with this photo of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman at the first read-through for Sherlock series three:

Hard to believe these goofballs are the same guys that broke our hearts in “The Reichenbach Fall.” It’s like they’re really talented actors or something. (Photo by BBC One)

As you may already know, the starting date for filming has been confirmed as Monday, March 18, 2013. With scripts distributed and read, everyone wants to know if the cast is finally privy to how Sherlock survived his fall from the roof of St. Bart’s. Graham Norton asked Martin Freeman on Comic Relief’s Big Chat, and (to my utter frustration) Freeman said that it was still unclear.

Then they all looked at some X-rated Sherlock fan art, and our dear Watson didn’t even flinch. Because remember, he’s quite familiar with this fandom’s ways. But I digress.


But now that we’re post-read through, it’s likely that the secret is out among the cast and crew. Or possibly not. Though special effects supervisor Danny Hargreaves tweeted this weekend that they were meeting to discuss the big howhedunit, I wouldn’t put it past Mark Gatiss to be holding out on details a little longer. He is, after all, in Mycroft Holmes mode.

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 7.55.19 PM

Sherlockology has also confirmed a new cast member. Tomi May (Line of Duty) will be joining the Sherlock family in its third series. His role is still unknown, but he was present at the first read-through. An overeager voice in my head is whispering “Sebastian Moran!” but only time will tell who he will be portraying.

Tomi May (via london-headshots.net).

As information and photos emerge from the set, remember to be respectful of the cast and crew who are hard at work, but nice enough to give us these tantalizing tidbits. And don’t forget to check photo sources!

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