The 100: Reapercussions (2×03)

Synopsis: When Clarke discovers a horrifying project being carried out in Mount Weather’s medical ward, she joins forces with an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, Kane issues an order to have Abby brutally punished after she confesses to a crime.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Man, Wednesdays are shaping up to be the most dramatic days for television.

I have to applaud the The 100 writers for being able to pull new inventive ways of giving me the most painful feels every week. This seems like a musical chairs moment, where everyone is not only switching roles but also places. Also brownie points to whoever thought of that punny episode title. I love puns.

Doesn't get much creepier than this. [the100hd.com]
Doesn’t get much creepier than this. [the100hd.com]

We saw Clarke find Anya in the back room in cages with other grounders. The two break out and escape into a back room that opens up into a chute that lands them outside of the facility in some part of the mountain that feels like a mining area. I continue to be confused by the landscape of this area, but I guess I’ll go with it. Clarke and Anya land in a pile of bodies and not long after they hear the sound of Reapers coming down the tunnel.

Playing dead within a mine cart, they have bodies dropped on top of them and are carried off deeper into the Reaper camp. Escaping that, Clarke begs Anya to go, though she is pretty much ready to split up with Clarke at this point. And who could blame her, the dead bodies and the people in cages are all Anya’s people. I’d be pissed at Clarke too.

I mean, at least Clarke isn't to blame for this, Anya. [the100hd.com]
I mean, at least Clarke isn’t to blame for this, Anya. [the100hd.com]

Their separation leaves Clarke hopelessly lost within the labyrinth that is the Reaper’s home. She’s found by the Reapers but saved when Mountain Men come in with some sort of whistle sonar device that pretty much incapacitates the Reapers. Yeah, it’s starting to become more and more obvious what is going on up in here.

Being taken back to Mount Weather, the guards inform Clarke that she’s going to be put in a cage when she gets back because she’s seen too much. About to enter into the facility, Anya comes out of no where and attacks! Working together they unmask the two guards and take off with more guards coming after them. Anya tells her she found a way out. That way out is through the mouth of a dam. Yeah, that’s right.

When all it takes is taking off your mask to take you down, it's kind of sad. [the100hd.com]
When all it takes is taking off your mask to take you down, it’s kind of sad. [the100hd.com]

Well, it’s either take back and be bled dry or jump out of the mouth of this dam. Clarke and Anya both choose the latter and manage to escape. You’d think that after saving each other’s lives it would be a little more amicable between these two ladies, but obviously this is not the time to be amicable with anyone, and Clarke is taken prisoner AGAIN. This time by Anya, who tells her that she lost 300 of her warriors to Clarke, she’s gotta bring back something to counteract that. Fair enough.

Meanwhile, inside Mount Weather, Jasper is thirstily chasing Maya, and doesn’t seem to really care initially when Monty tells him that Clarke has been missing. Of course after a few meals and flirtations with Maya, he realizes that there might be something to what Monty is saying. After Maya does some digging for them, she tells them that Clarke has been admitted to the psych ward after having a break down and cutting her stitches. It’s hard to believe Maya, especially given what the two know of Clarke and her resilience, but there is really no other choice.

Jasper, I know she's cute, but you have to stop being so thirsty. [the100hd.com]
Jasper, I know she’s cute, but you have to stop being so thirsty. [the100hd.com]

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next week since the guards have a fresh batch of grounders, including Lincoln, who it seems will be a part of the serving crew (do they know he knows how to speak English?). Well everything is coming together isn’t it? The mountain men seem to be all about dosing the Reapers with their elixir which gives the Reapers a high and the mountain men an advantage against them. Is anyone else hoping for their very blood and painful demise?

Well, Octavia is probably hoping for it. She spent most of the episode following Lincoln’s tribe of warriors, to search out where Lincoln was. After being found out and used as bait to lure in the Reapers, she fights alongside the leader Indra, and even saves her life. However, rescuing the grounders brings her no closer to Lincoln. Just Nyko, Lincoln’s hot medicine man friend. Nyko tells Octavia that they won’t kill her because she saved them, but the girl’s got no where to go at this point.

Cutthroat Finn needs to calm the fuck down. [the100hd.com]
Cutthroat Finn needs to calm the fuck down. [the100hd.com]

In the forest, Bellamy and Finn continue their search for their friends, bringing along Murphy, which was possibly the worst thing ever. The guy may have suffered torture, but that doesn’t mean he has to be a manipulative snake. He got there all on his own. They find some grounders and Bellamy and Finn take the one they find wearing Clarke’s watch. Interrogating him in the bunker from Season 1, the grounder draws them a map to where he says grounders have taken their friends.

Obviously we know this all to be a lie. But the boys don’t know that, and after getting the information, Murphy eggs them on to killing him. It’s pretty clear that at this point, Bellamy’s the only one with a clear head. Maybe it’s because he saw what torturing Lincoln did to him. Maybe Finn is just off his rocker after seeing Raven almost die and losing Clarke. But while Bellamy is saying he doesn’t want to kill the unarmed grounder that Finn just beat the living shit out of, Finn has already delivered the headshot to the head.

Well that escalated quickly, as much as I love Finn and Bellamy bromance, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to be around for much longer.

Don't do this, bro! [the100hd.com]
Don’t do this, bro! [the100hd.com]

Speaking of relationships that aren’t going to be around, Kane disciplines Abby for releasing the prisoners and giving them guns. She is whipped with a stun baton 10 times in front of the camp. Despite it being Kane’s orders, we know he was basically lead there by Major Byrne. Oh Byrne, here I was thinking you’d be a good support for Kane’s new rule, but turns out you’re just vengeful and possibly sadistic.

Well, Abby’s made of tougher stuff, and after being punished, Kane tells her that he’s going on a diplomatic mission with the grounder they captured to find the kids. He’s leaving the camp and making Abby the chancellor. As much as I love the idea of Abby being Chancellor, I am not loving the idea of more people being spread out.

Speaking of spread out, next week we get to finally see where the hell Jaha landed. Hopefully it’s at least somewhere in the continent? Though I’ve only seen sand dunes like that in the Southwest, so he’s got a long way to go.


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