Bones is back after a brief break! And this week, we got a surprise. Strippers! Also Booth’s mom! I know, I’m not sure which one I feel more shocked by. So if you aren’t familiar with the story of Booth’s mom or his family, or you can’t remember, here it is. Booth’s super abusive father used to beat Booth, his little brother, and his mother all the time and had a drinking problem. It got so bad that Booth’s mother left the family and and the two kids got raised by their grandfather.

Anyways, so this episode starts off like every episode with the discovery of a corpse. The team investigates and find out that he is a firefighter, oh wait no, he has pull away pants and underneath there is a turquoise thong. That’s right. He’s a stripper. My problem with the case part of the episode was that I never actually got why this man who worked as a successful stockbroker also worked as a stripper. There’s very little reasoning just that he’s got some serious self esteem issues and that’s why he could have chosen the job. But the case is relatively boring, the best parts are when Bones references to her study in stripping. When she did an anthropological study, she obviously stripped a little herself. The staff of the Jeffersonian are taken with this case, but ultimately the star in this episode is Booth and his mother.

So Booth’s mom is back! But this is not a relatively good thing. While Seely seems ok with it, the rest of the group is concerned for him especially Sweets. But Seely seems like he’s ok with it, until he realizes that his mother has been taking care of her fiancĂ©’s children for some time. They’ve been separated for 24 years, and hearing that she’s been mothering other children sets him off from his mother. His mother seems to love Christine and like Bones, but ultimately wants acceptance from her son. She’s there to ask him to give her away when she gets married, but it’s all too much for him.

But of course, Seely is a good guy and he ultimately forgives his mother for not being around like all of his life and raising another man’s children. I’d say for a guy, who was basically abandoned by his mother and left to raise his kid brother with his grandfather, he took this pretty well. So he goes to his mother’s wedding and it’s adorable, and she’s happy and he’s happy. So everything is good. They dance, he dances with her, and they’re all happy. So they go to the reception and she tosses the bouquet and against all odds but not all stereotypes, Bones catches it!

Of course, they have been hinting at this for the whole season. Marriage between the two. Booth has relinquished his Catholic need to get married before children because he doesn’t want to push Bones. Bones has admitted that she does not see a purpose to getting married and does not want to gt married, but it seems like they are slowly moving towards it regardless. There have been hints at it, with them at a jewelers and looking at wedding rings with no reason for buying them, and her catching the bouquet, along with the people questioning their relationship. I think they need to work a couple things out what with Bones leaving Booth and going on the run with Christine when Pelant attacked, like I think they need to solve that whole issue before they get married. Because they NEVER actually finished that story arc.

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