Moon Hunters, a Myth-Weaving RPG

Moon Hunters allows you and up to three friends travel the world in search of a missing moon, building up a reputation as a living legend and determining the mythos surrounding how you will be remembered by your tribe for generations. Your in-game actions affect how you will be remembered and each “journey” you complete, you add a constellation that contributes to the history of your world. There are different biomes to explore, different character classes to choose from, and over fifty character traits to determine how you will be remembered. The art is gorgeous and reminiscent of 8-bit graphics of the past and looks like it’s got a lot of replayability going on.

Rewards under $20: For $15 CAD, you’ll get a digital copy of the game for Mac or PC. For $20 CAD, you’ll get a digital copy of the game and a digital copy of the OST. And if you’re really feeling generous, splurge with $22 CAD and get two copies of the game – one for you and one for a friend! – as well as the OST.

Ends September 26, 2014.


 Tentacle Crown

I’m going to be honest with you, do you need a tentacle crown? Yeah, probably. It’s a little two by two resin tentacle crown that obviously can be dressed up or dressed down and worn forever to signal to Cthulhu that you are a friendly face when it surfaces from the seas. The other jewelry offered through the Kickstarter, namely faux tentacle gauges and tentacle earrings, are just as cool – and a bit more colorful and affordable. There’s also the DIY option for your tentacle crown, so that you can paint it and customize it for yourself, rather than get the aqua one shown in the pictures above. So, yeah, you definitely need to splurge on one of these soon.

Rewards under $20: For $5, you’ll get a pair of stickers. For $12, you’ll get a pair of stickers and your choice of art print. For $20, you’ll get those handmade tentacle earrings in your choice of colors. Resin tentacle earrings will set you back $25 and for $35, you’ll get one of the beige DIY crowns to customize for yourself.

Ends September 27, 2014.


What’s better than playing Pictionary with your friends? If you answered “everything,” you are correct – Pictionary sucks. But this drawing game might just showcase your art skills while destroying friendships in exactly the same way… and be way more fun. There are two decks, which combine to make prompts such as “filthy wig” or “job cat,” that you must interpret and draw. Once you’ve drawn your Monstrocards, you pit them against other people’s cards and players vote on the better card. With a little bit of artistic skills and a lot of ability to bullshit, you can come out on top in this game.

Rewards under $20: Unfortunately, the game will set you back $30, but it looks like it’s a quality product and it comes with pads of paper to draw your monstrocards on.

Ends October 3, 2014.

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