The other day my supervisor was packing up her stuff and had a ton of little pre-wrapped containers. I asked her about them and she smiled and told me about this great service called Graze. It is a subscription, she said, and she gets four new snacks to try every week. The ones on the table were simply the kinds she didn’t like and was looking to get rid of them. She offered them to me and I happily took her up on them. As someone who is always on the go, having prepackaged, healthy snacks really helps my energy level throughout the day. I figured I might as well try it out and see how it went.

Turns out I loved the snacks so I checked out the site.


So what exactly is a Graze box? Well, in its simplest form it is a box that shows up in the mail either weekly or once every two weeks that has four types of snacks for your enjoyment. There are two options for boxes: the Nibblebox or the CalorieCounter Box. The Nibblebox chooses from their entire catalog of snacks while the CalorieCounter box keeps the snacks between fifth and one-hundred fifty calories. Once you’ve chosen the box, you choose the frequency in which you’d like to receive it: weekly or every two weeks. Then, you tell it where you want it sent (apparently it is popular to get it sent to the office instead of home), set up your payment method, and you’re ready to reinvent snacking.

As a note, it should be known that the snacks are sent at random. However, once you sign up for an account on their website you’ll be able to go through the entire catalog and choose what snacks you like, which snacks you don’t, and can influence the frequency in which you receive certain types. Graze doesn’t give full control, but they do allow their buyers to heavily influence what they get in their boxes, as it should be! Also included in every box is a nutritional breakdown of each of the snacks.

Being a lover of subscription boxes, I decided to make the leap and sign up. Thanks to a friend code, I was able to get my first and fifth boxes free. I’ll be getting one box every two weeks, which should be more than enough to supplement my lunch throughout the weeks leading up to the new box. So here’s the breakdown of what I purchased.

IMAG4598Type: Nibblebox
One box every two weeks
$6.49 (though I got my first one free)
Home Delivery (though I appreciated the business option)
Quality of Snacks: 
★★★★☆ Of the four I received, I will definitely enjoy three. The fourth is questionable.

Over-All Review: As a first time customer, I’m extremely pleased with the process. It is easy to sign up and Graze offers a lot of great options. I like that I could choose one box every two weeks instead of a box every week because I just don’t think I’ll end up eating them all during the week. The price is so-so but I think it is comparable to other box services of this sort. The nice thing is, though, is that there is no need to commit to an entire month or pay a subscription fee. You pay either weekly or once every two weeks, depending on the option you’ve chosen, and you can stop at any time.

I also like the snacks a lot. I’m not really big on dried fruit, but the combinations I’ve had a chance to try from Graze have me reconsidering my stance. They have a great mix of unique flavors and offer so many combinations I imagine there really is something for everyone. The fact my box got delivered earlier than scheduled was especially pleasing since it is the first and I was running low on the hand-me-down snacks from my supervisor.

My final verdict? This is a subscription service worth investing in. Not only does it deliver amazing snacks straight to your doorstep, but they’re healthy and filling. This is a great box for people who are on the go a lot because the little containers are the perfect size for a purse, glove box, or desk drawer. Not only that, but the kick of flavor in every snack puts boring old health food to shame. It is practical, tasty, and well priced which is all I could ask for in a product of this sort. All in all, Graze has made me a happy customer.

Bonus for our readers: If you use the following code you can get your first and fifth box free. Just type RJ3R55P6B into the special code box on the site to unlock this deal! Once you’ve got a subscription, you’ll be given a code to share with your friends to get them the same deal.

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