Steven Universe #2

StevenUniverse02-coverA-71db4Author: Jeremy Sorese
Artists: Coleman Engle
Release Date: August 8, 2014
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Source: Boom! Studios Press Site
Genre(s): Comedy, Fantasy

Rating: ★★★★☆
Review Spoilers: Low

Much like the previous issue, Steven is off on a one-off adventure. This time, he wants to enter the Beach City Bike Race. However, the Gems won’t let him because they’re concerned that he’s going to get hurt.

I have to admit, I definitely liked this main story more than the one in the first issue. It’s a great exploration of Steven’s relationship with the Gems and his father. After the first few pages, the focus of the story shifts to the Gems and Greg as they try to keep an eye on Steven during the race. The pacing feels more like an episode of Steven Universe in this one and you can really feel Sorese growing into the voices of the characters. However, I cannot overlook the fact there was a perfect opportunity to make a ‘Bicycle Race’ joke and no one took it.

Sadly, the more zine-esque features of the first issue were cut in favor of a preview of Boom!’s upcoming Uncle Grandpa comic, but there’s still a beautiful pinup page by Stu Livingston of the Gems, Steven, and Connie on the beach enjoying fireworks as well as a four page story from Josceline Fenton, who did the story about the Gems trying to bake Steven a cake in the previous issue. If Sorese is already growing into the character voices, Fenton has them down pat in her story of Steven trying to train Lion for the upcoming Beach City Pet Contest. It was a complete joy to read and I actually ended up enjoying it more than the main story. If Fenton ended up doing a longer story for the comic, I would not argue at all.

I feel ya, buddy.
I feel ya, buddy.

Final Thoughts: While the first issue was pretty good, the second issue of Steven Universe grows into similar pacing and voicing to the series. It may not be as grand in scope as the tv series so far, but it adds a little extra life to the little town of Beach City.

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