Utopia has officially aired on Fox! If you didn’t catch it tonight you’ve missed out on quite a bit, but don’t worry, you’ve got Tuesday and Friday to catch the rest of the premiers!  

Tonight we met the Utopians, or Pioneers as the network would like us to call them. So far there are 14 people who are in a five acre compound area with no electricity, a couple cows and chickens, a shelter, and a pretty good sized pond. They have to come together and create a new society. This as you can imagine is not going as well as expected. 
Night one, there’s a drunken fight. Josh decides it’s a good idea to get all up in everyone’s face with his neither regions, and then fight with Dave. Dave naturally isn’t going to take any crap from anyone so he stands up for himself. The next morning there’s a “vote” and Josh gets to stay. That was the first real action we got on Utopia. For the rest of the two hours, days two and three, we got a bit of Bella breaking down, Red going crazy over being controlled, Hex going to the hospital, a fight over Red trying to cook a dead chicken (don’t worry, the meat was okay), and Aaron trying to control everyone’s food. It was a rough start, but it seems like everyone has it together now. Oh, and we also found out that one of the Utopians is pregnant and due within the next couple of months. This first week of premieres is going to be crazy as everyone tries to figure out their roles in the new society, and how to interact with each other. Right now there are just fourteen Utopians. However we know that there will be fifteen in total for the rest of the show, and that the current Utopians will get to pick their new member from two people that are coming in later this week. 
Now, I’m a sucker for trashy reality tv. This is reality tv at it’s finest. Not only do we get truly unscripted tv, but we get access to what they are doing 24/7. If you’ve been watching with us on Twitter, then you know that Kylee, Therese, and I have gotten sucked in to the world of Utopia. After watching the live stream for several days now, we know the Uoptian’s personalities fairly well and watching this premier was like going back in time to catch things that were missed by sleep/work/real life. We even have a handy little chart for all of the nicknames, couples, and alliances formed on Utopia. It can be found here.  It was a good first showing all in all. There was drama, love, scrambling of people to start a society, and animals. If you’re into Survivor/Big Brother type shows, you’ll probably love Utopia too. It’s interactive with the site, and twitter. This show really does take what the viewers say and give it thought. Not only that, but if you sign up for a passport, you get to vote on who stays or goes. The power is in the Utopians hands, but a greater power is in yours. 

If you do start watching, you get the added bonus of being able to watch with your favorite blog’s staff on Tuesday, Sept 9 for the premier part two at 8/7c. Keep a look out for the hangout link on the Twitter and Facebook! Let us know what you think about Utopia with the hashtag #nerdswatchutopia! 

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