Teen Wolf: A Promise To The Dead (4×11)

by Elise Kulik

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

A lot happened this week- let’s hit the main points and then circle back to the usual ridiculousness we’ve come to know and love:

Liam’s hallucinating Berserkers pretty much all of the times he’s onscreen. No explanation given as of yet.

Scott returns Derek’s big bag o’ money and Derek hooks him up on a date with Kira.

Kate, ever the mood killer, breaks into the loft on Kira and Scott’s date and kidnaps Scott.

Peter impales Chris Argent with rebar and Parrish invokes Allison’s memory to get Chris to fight to survive.

Peter promises Malia information about her mother if she kills Kate.

Annnd finally,

Deaton’s in a coma most of the week, and only comes out of it to tell the gang where Kate took Scott…if that’s who he still is. *cues dramatic music*

Going berserk. *wink* [teenwolfdaily.com]
Going berserk. *wink* [teenwolfdaily.com]

Can’t we take a breather week in Beacon Hills every once in a while? We just killed the deadpool last week and now suddenly Kate decides to get her head in the game?

You know, show up when it’s most convenient for you, I guess. Whatever. [teenwolfdaily.com]
You know, show up when it’s most convenient for you, I guess. Whatever. [teenwolfdaily.com]

Kate’s trotting her Berserkers all over town, including around Liam’s head, Peter’s off shoving people into rebar and setting up a hit, and Deaton’s off fighting rogue mental patients with meat hooks.

Calm down, Teen Wolf.

It’s like freaking X-Men up in here.

Seriously, the first scene with Deaton bringing in supernatural mental patients to Eichen House looks like a scene straight out of X-Men with mutants behind bars.

Apparently the good veterinarian is in there because he’s looking for some information, from none other than Hannibal Lecter himself (tell Freddie and the gang at the Tattler that he’s actually moonlighting on Teen Wolf for me.)

So many mixed references. [teenwolfdaily.com]
So many mixed references. [teenwolfdaily.com]

Anyway, Hannibal only reads romance novels and has a third eye in his forehead and it’s pretty gross and irrelevant except for the fact that it puts Deaton in a clairvoyant coma for the rest of the episode until Lydia wakes him up. We also learn that Deaton and Derek’s mom had a thing- I dearly hope that means we have a Hale lovechild running around next season.

Back in teen land, Melissa has a heart-to-heart with Scott about returning Derek’s money- after Scott agrees, Derek, in his weird, slightly-disapproving-but-still-cool-older-brother role then hooks a brother up with a questionable-no-supervision-in-his-artistically-lit-loft date with Kira.


Kira and Scott start making out on the couch before Kate and her Berserkers barge in and kidnap Scott. Kate wants to know what’s so special about Scott that he can transform a family of hunter royalty into whatever the Argents are today. It’s very much a, ‘if I cut you, do you bleed red like the rest of us?’ kind of moment.

In the meantime, Daddy Argent finally tracked down Kate’s lair- he’s investigating the area right when Peter steps in and impales him, curling the rebar around Chris so he can’t escape. Hot Deputy Parrish ends up saving the day, t


elling Chris that even though he didn’t know Allison, he thinks she would tell him to get angry and to get out.

Which leads me to ask: why is it that those characters who didn’t even have contact with Allison (Mer, Parrish) end up invoking her and her memory in more meaningful ways than, I dunno, her boyfriend and her best friend? #EmotionalUnderdevelopment

Peter prances off to meet Malia and tell her to kill Kate in exchange for information about the Desert Wolf in typical anarchist Peter fashion.

The episode closes with Deaton waking up and telling the gang to go to Mexico to look for Scott. In Mexico, Kate stands over Scott, who’s lashed to some sort of table surrounded by Berserkers, and threatens to transform him into something his friends don’t recognize. She starts lowering a Berserker skull onto Scott’s head as he screams in protest; the final shot is Scott in a Berserker skull looking into the camera with crazed eyes.




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