The 100: The Calm (1×11)

Synopsis: Clarke and Finn are taken by the Grounders; the Ark searches for life after the Exodus ship launch.

Rating: ★★


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So what do we have this episode? Some moron set the food tent on fire, because Octavia told him not to. It seemed like the stupidest thing to me, but then I realized that they’re all still kids and being immature and making terrible decisions is basically a fact of life with The 100. But because of this, everyone must go hunting for food and of course this means that Clarke and Finn and some kid named Miles team up.

The Calm

Miles is pretty adorable, and I kind of hope he doesn’t die seeing as he got pretty much shot and left to bleed out in the forest after the Grounders attacked the trio. Dragging off Finn and Clarke we soon find out that the Grounders’ healer is gone and they need someone to heal someone who was injured on the bridge bombing. Set against time and nature, Clarke is at her wits end trying to save this girl while being under pressure from the Grounders who are threatening Finn’s life.

Meanwhile back at camp we have Raven angsting over her breakup with Finn, being passive aggressive and making bullets. Seeing Clarke and Finn take off together pretty much seals the deal for her to pack her bags and leave, but when Bellamy finds her packing he persuades her to stay because of her skill set. I am really not a fan of Bellamy and Raven, but I could tell from the get go that something like this was bound to happen.

Look at her judging face, Bellamy. How could you?  [bellamylblake.tumblr.com]
Look at her judging face, Bellamy. How could you? [bellamylblake.tumblr.com]
We’ve seen Bellamy with his own little harem of women in the beginning, and Raven is seated firmly in heartbreak territory, it makes sense that she would turn to Bellamy for sex. He’s there to fill a void (no pun intended) in her left by Finn. I leaves her feeling no better, but at least we’ve cancelled out that possibility? I don’t know. I’m pretty one-sided when it comes to my love of Bellarke, so that scene was killing me.

And of course by the time Clarke figures out how to MacGyver her way into possibly saving the Grounder girl she dies from sepsis. Dragging Finn away from Clarke, they say that Clarke will stay as a healer but Finn must die. Left alone with just one Grounder, Clarke says sayonara to his ass and ganks him in the throat before running off. Not really sure of which direction she’s going, she runs off into the woods but at the last minute she’s caught in a trap. The scene is stressful, but for once the story on the ground isn’t nearly as interesting as the story in the Ark.

Sweet baby jesus, you are attractive. [ravemreyes.tumblr.com]
Sweet baby jesus, you are attractive. [ravemreyes.tumblr.com]
On the Ark there are more pressing problems as we cut in on Kane waking up after getting a burst of oxygen into his system. He finds a group of survivors, with them a sassy man named Wick that Kane saved, and they journey through the Ark in search of other life as well as more oxygen. I love seeing this darker Ark, mostly because the coloring in the show was starting to blend in with all the other CW shows so this was a welcome change. Kane makes his way through and gets into contact with Jaha who is basically rerouting air back into the Ark.

I have to say, I love Kane. He and Bellamy were my most hated characters in the pilot, but somehow they managed to make a 180 and become my favorites. The scenes with Kane and his mother were absolutely brilliant in the past episodes, and in this episode, when he risks it all to save not only Jaha but indadvertedly, Abby, he’s pretty much won me over.

Also, I was getting really disappointed if Abby was separated by Kane, because, let's be real, there has to be more to these two.
Also, I was getting really disappointed if Abby was separated by Kane, because, let’s be real, there has to be more to these two.

The next episode features a stirring speech from Bellamy and what seems to be a gear up for an intense season finale for season one of The 100.


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