This weekend the University of Alabama is holding the Black Warrior Film Festival, which will be showing many student films, and hosting many Alabama native filmmakers. There is a lot of hype building around this event but most of the hype is coming from latest project fabricated by students from an Advanced Television Production class, taught by Professor Adam Schwartz, and a Zombies in Culture class, taught by Dr. Matt Payne.

The project is a pilot for a television show called Zom-Com. It is a comedic zombie show that follows a group of four people, who are described as zombie chasers, and shows how they survive their day-to-day lives in a post apocalyptic world. The chasers’ jobs are to track and study zombie behavior with a goal of finding a cure. I already have a favorite character in the show, Freddie, because I am a sucker for the adorable/geeky type. Dr. Payne has explained that this show will fill a void that includes a much-needed lighthearted side to the zombie genre. The show will have a 30-minute arch and will just give a taste of what’s to come.

I am lucky enough to be currently taking a class with Dr. Payne and he has given in depth lectures and has explained this project in detail multiple times. He is deeply invested and truly cares for this project and in our latest lecture he gave an in depth analysis of the project without giving away all the gooey details. He didn’t want to spoil show for us because it won’t make its debut until the final day of the film festival at the Bama Theatre. Dr. Payne has voiced high hopes for the show and wants to take it other festivals throughout the country. I along with many other zombie fans in the Alabama area are very excited to see what the Telecommunication and Film students can do.

To find out more about Zom-Com and The Black Warrior Film Festival check out the links below:


You can watch the trailer here:


Bailey Wildman is a sophomore at the University of Alabama in the Telecommunication and Film program. She is also the younger sister of Nerdophiles co-founder Sam Wildman and the developer and star of the blog’s ‘Fangirl Friday’ segment on YouTube. Follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Holy cats this looks amazing. I hope there will be a review or a way to watch the pilot online at some point!

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