Gravity Falls: Fixin’ It With Soos and TV Shorts

Summary: In a similar vein to Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained and Mabel’s Guide to Life, Fixin’ It With Soos has Soos producing his own home improvement TV show. In TV Shorts, we get a look at Gravity Falls Public Access TV.

Rating: ★★★★

As the Summer 2014 timeframe for Gravity Falls Season 2 draws closer, Disney keeps releasing more shorts. Which, hey, I’m not complaining about at all. Especially when you’re getting as ridiculous as Fixin’ It With Soos and the TV Shorts.

Much like Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained and Mabel’s Guide to Life, Fixin’ It With Soos has our favorite handyman creating his own TV series to be seen by someone later maybe? Except unlike Dipper and Mabel’s shows, Soos’ has SWEET SPECIAL EFFECTS.


Seriously, I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard at anything on Gravity Falls more than I did the terrible VFX in Fixin’ It With Soos. Probably because it comes across like every bad experiment we’ve had with video editing software when we were 12, but really, it’s because it is animated so well and comes with SUCH sincerity from Soos. It’s not about the mysteries of Gravity Falls, but rather the fact Soos likes to help people and be awesome all at once. I enjoyed Fixin’ It With Soos so much that it made me kind of sad that there were only two of those shorts. WE COULD HAVE HAD SO MUCH MORE OF THE LASER EYES.

TV Shorts shifts the focus away from the residents of the Mystery Shack and the kind of TV we see them watching in the series. The programming on Gravity Falls Public Access is plenty silly, but the shorts sadly don’t punch as much as the previous ones. Maybe that was on purpose since it is supposed to be crappy public television, but I felt kind of underwhelmed by most of the clips.


Emphasis on most. Stan’s crappy ad for the Mystery Shack gets an honorable mention, but my favorites were definitely Ducktective and the “teen” show put on by Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland. Seriously, if you ever went to elementary school in the 90s, the Blubs/Durland one is like every bad drug PSA you were subjected to during D.A.R.E. Of course, most of them didn’t involve men in drag and teens stealing a police cruiser. That’s just a special Alex Hirsch touch.

I feel like these shorts would have been stronger as a group if they had just been one theme across the board instead of half of one and fifty percent of the other. Still, they are plenty ridiculous and do their job of keeping Gravity Falls on my mind before the new season starts.

Well, not like it’s ever very far away.


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