I have to admit, I’ve been kind of skeptical about the new Gotham series coming to Fox. I really don’t know why. It’s a police procedural set in Gotham City and I love the Gotham Central comic written by Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka. It should be my jam.

Well, it just might be soon enough.

The first trailer came out recently and it piqued my interest in being focused on Gotham’s underbelly pre-Batman, but I wasn’t sure yet. However, there was a whole lot of speculation that maybe a certain detective created for Batman: The Animated Series would be joining the cast. You know, one that made it to the comics, dated Batwoman and became The Question…

Well, speculate no longer. Fox has officially confirmed that Renee Montoya and her partner Crispus Allen will be reoccurring characters on Gotham. They will be played by Victoria Cartegena and Andrew Stewart-Jones respectively. Corey Michael Smith has also been confirmed to be a regular on the series as Edward http://humanrightsfilmnetwork.org/phentermine Nygma aka The Riddler.

Me upon reading the news.
Me upon reading the news. [iruntheinternet.com]
This is HUGE news. Not only is it two detectives of color joining the series, but Renee Montoya is an openly queer character in the comics. There’s no confirmation if that will remain in Gotham, but it’s also huge because Renee Montoya has been one of the female characters missing from the New 52 since the universe was rebooted about three years ago.

Crispus Allen is pretty awesome too since he’s a surly bastard who doesn’t really care for Batman and became The Spectre later on after the end of Gotham Central. I don’t know how or if both of their stories will carry over to Gotham, but it still makes me damn happy and lets me carry a glimmer of hope that maybe Renee Montoya will return to the comics someday soon.

SOON. [writeups.org]
SOON. [writeups.org]
Gotham premieres this fall on Fox.


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