Synopsis: A suspicious Stiles investigates Theo when parts of his story don’t match up. Meanwhile, a girl named Tracy who experiences night terrors becomes the creepy robots’ next target.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

After last week’s introduction with attractive-but-suspicious Theo, we start out this week in Mama Martin’s school counseling office where we’re introduced to the victim-du-jour, Tracy.

Poor Tracy’s been having trouble sleeping; she has night terrors.*
*Or, as the good Doc Martin helpfully points out for the audience’s benefit, otherwise known medically as parasomnia. **Blatant Episode Title Reference!**

Anyway, Tracy’s latest night terror is a raven trying to break into her bedroom skylight in the middle of a rainstorm. Tracy pulls out a chair and tries to close the open skylight, only to have the chair yanked out from underneath her just as she reaches the window clasp.

She tells Doc Martin about her night terror, and Ms. Martin promptly dismisses her disturbing dream as run-of-the-mill senior student anxiety. Just as Tracy gets up to leave, she suddenly feels queasy and vomits a cocktail of black goo mixed with raven feathers all over Ms. Martin’s desk. #DismissThat

The rest of the episode is spent with Tracy dipping in and out of hallucinations featuring the creepy mad-science, gas masked robots from last week who put in a guest appearance a few years back on that one Dr. Who Christmas Special. They appear at her locker and leave scratch marks in the metal before Lydia decides to bring Parrish to Tracy’s house to investigate.

At Tracy’s house, Parrish finds the skylight Tracy thought had been sealed for weatherproofing is, in fact, open. More concerning, however, is the bloodied scratches on the wood surrounding the window and the arsenal of mangled ravens on the rooftop.

Parrish offers to watch Tracy’s house at night to make sure she’s safe, and Lydia jumps at the opportunity to join him on his stakeout. Some heavy flirting ensues, along with some shoddy detecting – a possessed Tracy literally stands two meters behind Parrish’s front police car window in the middle of the night imitating Emily Rose without Parrish noticing.

Tracy ends up in the creepy robot lair, where the robots stab her in the neck with, yes, YET ANOTHER close up of a needle violently penetrating skin to inject some strange, silver liquid. We should totally just stab Tracy, guys.

Meanwhile, in newcomer news, we learn that last week’s wolf had the talons of a harpy.

Deacon also tells Scott that only a Beta of his own making can take the Alpha’s power (which doesn’t explain why the Triple Alpha pack of a few seasons ago were so hell-bent on taking Scott down…or any of the mythology and conflict from the past 4 seasons.) However, it looks like somebody new’s in town, so the rules of the game might be changing.

Flash to the high school drama of the week. Liam runs into a girl in class who glares daggers at him before putting gum on his chair. Apparently the two have some unfinished business from sixth grade, in addition to the sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a blunt spoon.

The real mystery on this season’s Teen Wolf: What is with all these elementary and middle school connections coming out of the woodwork?

Anyway, Stiles investigates Theo, because he still doesn’t trust him.

The return of Stile's vision board. []
The return of Stiles’ vision board. []
Theo tells the story of how he was practicing his Ollies in an empty pool when he got bitten, and he’s been alone ever since his sire was killed. Stiles doesn’t buy it – Theo tells the story of Scott helping him through an asthma attack in 4th grade, and gullible Scott trusts Theo’s backstory. (Because, as Stiles points out, “SCOTT TRUSTS EVERYONE”)

Stiles continues to poke for holes in Theo’s story – the transfer signatures on his school paperwork don’t match a parental signature from a speeding ticket. Later, Stiles and Liam follow Theo to a bridge and witness him throwing flowers in the water in memory of his sister. Liam falls into a hole and finds Tracy’s silver necklace, which will become important later.

Later, a wolf runs down Liam and his friend Mason at the school, causing Liam to reveal that he’s a werewolf to his best friend. The wolf flees after Liam transforms and turns back into human form. Guess who?

It’s Theo.

Who then proceeds to break his fake dad’s hand with a hammer because he couldn’t get Theo’s real dad’s signature right, and the only convincing reason for the change is a broken hand.

In other news, Scott wants to go to UC Davis, so he’s taking AP biology and getting harassed by a teacher who thinks it’s okay to administer an exam on the second day of class; Sheriff Stilinski finally took off his wedding ring; and Malia’s trying to pass her driver’s test even though she keeps having PTSD from the car crash that killed her family.

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