The Following: Trust Me (2×03)

Synopsis: Members of the following meet, as Joe makes a decision for his future, Ryan’s death curse strikes again.

Rating: ★★★

When the death count of an episode exceeds the count of a fingers on a single hand, you know this episode is going to be bonkers. Honestly the lack of surprise murders of the first two episodes, was kind of disappointing. I mean yeah there was the subway car massacre and then the reverend’s death, but we kind of saw both of those happening.


We stepped away from the classic killing that was so familiar to us in season one when we could literally never trust anyone because anyone would be in the following. Honestly I was worried I’d never be as anxious as I was in those episodes. But nope, this episode brought it all back.

So, Joe. I was a little worried he was getting repentant, but then I remembered he’s a narcissistic serial killer so we’re good. I kind of expected Mandy’s mom (who I just call Arlene in my head) to die, but I was not really expecting Mandy to be the one to kill her, definitely not be the one to overkill. But then again, maybe I forgot just how interested Mandy was in killing last episode and how much she looks up to Joe.

For Joe’s part, his attachment to young Mandy seems genuine, since he’s probably reeling from the loss of Joey and needing someone who will give him the kind of attention that Mandy will give him. Their scenes together were kind of equally creepy and yet kind of adorable? I don’t know, maybe I’m just a twisted person but it was kind of endearing to watch them run off together as the house burned to smithereens.


Meanwhile, Mike and Ryan still haven’t made up. Yeah, I’m as heartbroken about it as you. These two are like Batman and Robin, literally. But it seems like the revelation of Lily being part of The Following (which I was starting to suspect) has only pushed Mike further away. I’m not really blaming Mike for being angry, or even Mendez for being angry at Ryan. This situation has just gotten so complicated.

Shit, Mike even found his crazy conspiracy room. The only disappointing part of that was that he didn’t meet the niece, because that would have been cute.

Anyways, I have to say I started hardcore suspecting Lily this episode, mostly because of her attitude with Ryan and then her French accent, which I was apparently oblivious to the past two episodes. Now whether she’s actually the twins’ mother? I’m not sure? I want to say that I believe it, but at the same time, this show does weird things.


Regardless, the cult is forming again. They effectively killed off the remaining members of Emma’s cult and brought her into the Twins’. Can I say how happy I am that Mark has a crush on Emma? I mean, it’s just adorable to me, and I am shipping it. About as much as I am shipping Giselle and Luke even though they might be related? We know that’s never stopped me when it comes to shipping things in fiction.

Also how great is this cover of Stand By Me by Ki:Theory that was featured at the end of the episode? Probably even better than the Mourning Ritual cover of Bad Moon Rising.

Oh and speaking of incest, it seems like next episode is going to get about 10 times more incestuous when the gang moves into their cult house! I can’t wait.


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