Think back if you can way back to March of last year when I posted my review of Marissa Meyer’s phenomenal science fiction fairy tale mash up Cinder. If you don’t remember that far back – don’t worry. You can read it here. Long story short, I thought it was pretty great.

I loved how Meyer took the Cinderella story we all know (thanks Disney!) and adapted it to a futuristic settling rife with it’s own problems. To briefly recap: there’s a political struggle between the people on Earth and the people of the moon, Earth is suffering from a deadly plague, and Cinder – a cyborg – finders herself at odds with her step-mother who eventually betrays her (and who also sort of has thing thing for the Prince of her troubled nation). We ended on a cliffhanger that left me reeling.
Unfortunately, however, I didn’t have a copy of Scarlet at the time and – like many book bloggers before me – I just got distracted. I went on to different books and different series. I’ve posted a lot of other reviews since and in 2013 alone I read over 100 books – which you can see on my GoodReads challenge page!
So when I read about the read-along the blog Never Ending Stories was doing I knew I had to participate. I needed an excuse to get back into the series and this worked for me! And the best thing? You can join in on all the fun, too! Just grab a copy of Scarlet (or Cinder if you haven’t read it) and follow along with the Never Ending Stories folks. The details can be found on their web page as can the information on how to join in on their giveaway which could win you a copy of Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, or a swag bag!
Here is the Reading Schedule they posted:
1/1 – Read to Chapter 2
1/2 – Read to Chapter 4
1/3 – Read to Chapter 6
1/4 – Read to Chapter 8
1/5 – Read to Chapter 10
1/6 – Read to Chapter 12
1/7 – Read to Chapter 14
1/8 – Read to Chapter 16
1/9 – Read to Chapter 18
1/10 – Read to Chapter 20
1/11 – Read to Chapter 22
1/12 – Read to Chapter 24
1/13 – Read to Chapter 26
1/14 – Read to Chapter 28
1/15 – Read to Chapter 30
1/16 – Read to Chapter 32
1/17 – Read to Chapter 34
1/18 – Read to Chapter 35
1/19 – Read to Chapter 36
1/20 – Read to Chapter 37
1/21 – Read to Chapter 38
1/22 – Read to Chapter 39
1/23 – Read to Chapter 40
1/24 – Read to Chapter 41
1/25 – Read to Chapter 42
1/26 – Finish Up the Book and Posting
1/27 – Winner’s Announced

 I’ll be tweeting from my own personal account @samaside if anyone wants to follow along in order to keep the @nerdophiles account spoiler free! But feel free to check out what I think and what others are thinking, too, as we read along! Or you can leave your comments here!

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